Where to find the C4 detonator in Resident Evil 2 remake

Here's where to find the C4 detonator location as well as the battery needed to destroy the doors in the western storage room of the Resident Evil 2 remake.


In the classic survival horror tradition, the Resident Evil 2 remake eventually requires players to blow up a door using a C4 detonator coupled with a battery. Unsurprisingly, the C4 detonator and battery are found in separate locations, and players need both in order to blow the door in the western storage room and claim the maiden medallion needed to reach later stages of the game. Here's where to find the C4 detonator in the Resident Evil 2 remake as well as the location of the battery needed to make it work.

Where to find the C4 detonator and battery

Resident Evil 2 remake players will first encounter the door with C4 in the western storage room. The C4 detonator is in the room just south of the Operations Room, sitting atop a desk. To reach that room, players will need the Cutting Tool found outside the Art Room on the second floor of the RPD. The C4 detonator will appear at first as an Electronic Part, but players can examine it and press the button in order to reveal the item's proper name, the Detonator (No Battery.)

With the C4 detonator in-hand, the battery needed to activate the device can be found in the STARS Office on the second floor of the police station. To get to it, players will need the Round Handle in order to shut off the flow of steam from the second floor Locker Room. Once it's safe to pass, be prepared to deal with a Licker lurking in the corridor beyond. After it's been dealt with, enter the STARS Office door and find the battery on a desk within. Combine it with the Detonator (No Battery) to form the fully functioning Detonator.

With the C4 detonator and battery combined into the Detonator, players can at last blow open the door blocking access to the 3F West Storage Room, which houses the third and final medallion, the Maiden Medallion. Within the storage room, claim the Maiden Medallion by inserting the correct puzzle solution (Woman, Bow, Snake), then place the Maiden Medallion alongside the Lion and Unicorn medallions in the Goddess Statue to open access to the Underground Facility.

Tracking down the C4 detonator and battery locations in Resident Evil 2 is just another nod to Capcom's classic survival horror gameplay recipe. To learn more about the latest horror remake, including collectible locations and general strategies, be sure to stop by Shacknews' Resident Evil 2 remake walkthrough and guide.

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