Will Kingdom Hearts 3 have co-op or multiplayer?

Find out if you can play Kingdom Hearts 3 with your friends in co-op or multiplayer.


Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally here, bringing the charming and quirky world of one of Square Enix’s most treasured series to the latest generation of gaming. Available now on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, players can dive into the game right now and experience the latest chapter in Sora, Goofy and Donald’s adventure. Some players, though, are wondering if Kingdom Hearts 3 will have co-op or multiplayer, giving them a chance to play with the friends.

Will Kingdom Hearts 3 Have Multiplayer?

While Kingdom Hearts 3 will take quite a while for players to complete, you can check out how long Kingdom Hearts 3 will take to beat for an approximate estimation of the game’s length. Unfortunately, though, if you’re looking to play the game with your friends, or team up with others in multiplayer, then Kingdom Hearts 3 just isn’t going to scratch that itch.

While other games in the Kingdom Hearts series have included some form of multiplayer in the past, Kingdom Hearts 3 does not currently include any kind of cooperative experience or multiplayer. This means that players will only be able to play the story in a singleplayer experience.

According to a chat with Engadget back in 2015, Series Director Tesuya Nomura stated that an online mode for Kingdom Hearts 3 was indeed part of his “wish list”, however, there is no official statement since then about whether multiplayer or cooperative modes will make it into the game. Still, though, players can hold onto that hope that one day, down the line sometime, they’ll be able to dive into the massive worlds of Kingdom Hearts 3 and enjoy it with their friends.

Of course, there’s still plenty for players to do in the game, and you can head back over to our Kingdom Hearts 3 home page to learn more about the game and what the gang’s latest adventure entails.

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