Tropico 6 devs reveal new closed beta patch notes & roadmap

Players with early access to Tropico 6 are getting a handful of significant updates before launch and Kalypso has laid out the blueprint.


Kalypso Media is gearing up for the next entry in its flagship management simulation series and we've got the latest details for players that are testing it out before launch. Tropico 6 has welcomed players in with a closed beta and the development team has officially revealed the roadmap showing features coming to the game before the March 29, 2019, launch date on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Before launching in March, Tropico 6 players will get a new mission this month, a new mission in February, access to multiplayer, and a handful of improvements to the game. Those improvements include citizen interaction and customization options, balancing, bug fixes, UI fixes, and more. Below you'll find some highlights of the updates being made to the Tropico 6 closed beta, but you can check out the full breakdown on the official changelog post via Steam.

Features and Improvements

  • Added a new campaign mission to the beta: “Better Red than Dead”
  • Various map adjustments/polishing and mission balancing. For example:
    • “Speakeasy”: Lowered the number of arrested criminals required to complete mission tasks.
    • “Nido De Iguanas”: Added additional beach sites; smoothed out uneven terrain.
    • “Fuego Aislado”: Fixed some regions where it was impossible to place a dock; fixed hard to reach mineral deposits.
    • Rivers now show a direction of flow.
  • Added a special island for customization, which can be opened from the main menu.
  • Citizens’ interactions (e.g. “Arrest”) will be carried out much more quickly.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed over 30 crashes to increase stability.
  • Fixed over 70 pathfinding issues, such as agents getting stuck, walking on water, boats clipping, not using metros efficiently, etc.
  • Fixed over 200 bugs.


  • Removed the height level restriction of metro stations.
  • Increased the overall transportation speed of the metro.
  • Removed fixed duration and cooldown from the “Child Allowances” edict.
  • Trade routes with smugglers will now have a negative impact on the standing with superpowers in all eras.

UI Improvements

  • Added new Trade menu.
    • All available trade offers are now collected on one page.
    • The game offers ways to filter through the list of available offers to easily and quickly find the trade route that players are looking for.
    • Players can now choose the volume of a trade route before signing it.
  • Added a “Goods & Prices” overview to the Trade menu. Players can now see the standard export/import costs of every good and see available and running trade routes for individual goods.
    • Added an option on “Goods & Prices” to enable or disable automatic export of individual goods.

Improvements to the Warfare

  • Fixed Tropicans stopping going to work during an ongoing attack, even if their workplace was not attacked.
  • Removed the work modes from military buildings. Offensive or defensive behavior of military squads will now be set with the action buttons on the building info window.
  • Soldiers will now prefer to defend buildings that are actually under attack.
  • Fixed cases of squads facing the wrong direction during combat.
  • Fixed military units stacking on top of each other during combat.
  • Fixed soldiers shooting in wrong directions.
  • Increased the damage of units and made overall combat faster.
  • Balanced the upgrade prices of military buildings.
  • Balanced the aircraft carrier.
  • Added muzzle flash visual effect.

Tropico 6 launches March 26, 2019, on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. If you're interested in early access to the game, players that pre-purchase the game on Steam or the Kalypso Shop will get access to the closed beta. Stay tuned to Shacknews for additional updates.

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