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Voice actors and cast in Resident Evil 2 remake

Learn more about each of the voice actors in Capcom's Resident Evil 2 remake, including who voices Leon Kennedy, Claire Redfield, and Ada Wong.


The Resident Evil series has played host to varying degrees voice acting quality, meaning the Resident Evil 2 remake voice actors were always going to be under a bit of scrutiny. Capcom tapped on a number voice and performance capture artists both known and unknown to help convey Leon and Claire's harrowing voyage through the remains of Raccoon City, and their efforts are considerable. Keep reading to learn more about the starring performance and voice actors in the Resident Evil 2 remake.

Resident Evil 2 remake voice actors

Some of the voice actors in Capcom's Resident Evil 2 remake are well-known industry talents, while others are relatively or even completely unknown actors. Here are the voice actors and performance capture artists behind Resident Evil 2's most prominent characters. More information about the game's various additional voices can be found by visiting the Resident Evil 2 credits page on IMDb.

Leon S. Kennedy - Nick Apostolides

Nick Apostolides voices Leon S. Kennedy
Leon Kennedy is voiced by Nick Apostolides

The voice of once-again rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy is provided by Nick Apostolides, a Boston native actor with a relatively small number of voice acting credits. He provided the voice for Frank Bowers in Life is Strange: Before the Storm, then voiced Charles Eriksen in both Life is Strange 2 and The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit.

Outside of his work in games, Apostolides has also starred in a number of short and feature-length films, including The Witching Hour, American Girl, and A Life Not to Follow.

Claire Redfield - Stephanie Panisello

Stephanie Panisello voices Claire Redfield
Claire Redfield is voiced by Stephanie Panisello

The voice of Claire Redfield is provided by Stephanie Panisello. Credited as a voiceover session assistant on games like Gears of War 4 and Hitman 2016, Panisello got her first video game voice acting credit in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 back in 2013. Since then she's provided both voice and performance capture for a number of games including Doom 2016, Final Fantasy 15, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. She's also appeared in 19 episodes of TV series The EZ Show, playing the part of EZ Way Angel.

Ada Wong - Jolene Andersen

Jolene Andersen voices Ada Wong
Ada Wong is voiced by Jolene Andersen

Jolene Andersen provides the voice of on-again, off-again ally Ada Wong in the Resident Evil 2 remake. Known for her work in TV series like The Nine Lives of Chloe King and Chernobyl: Zone of Exclusion, Andersen has also starred in films such as Area 51, Prodigy, and Seven Devels. Aside from Resident Evil 2, her work in video games includes voicing Sarah Briggs in Titanfall 2 as well as Sophia in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Sherry Birkin - Eliza Pryor

Eliza Pryor voices Sherry Birkin
Sherry Birkin is voiced by Eliza Pryor

The voice of Sherry Birkin, the youngest of the Birkin family, is that of Eliza Pryor. A young actor with only six known credits, Pryor has appeared in TV series Clique Wars, Raven's Home, Alexa & Katie, and Are You Sleeping. She also played a character named Zelda in 2018 film Spinning Man. Resident Evil 2 is her first video game voice acting credit.

Marvin Branagh - Christopher Mychael Watson

Christopher Mychael Watson voices Officer Marvin Branagh
Marvin Branagh is voiced by Christopher Mychael Watson

Christopher Mychael Watson lends his voice to the role of Marvin Branagh, yet another police officer on the bloody end of the Raccoon City outbreak. Watson is a Georgia-borne actor with a number of short film credits including Broken Silence, Haze, Little Cabbage, Shazam, and Balls. Like with Pryor above, Branagh in Resident Evil 2 is Watson's first credited video game voice acting role.

Chief Brian Irons - Sid Carton

Sid Carton voices Chief Irons
Chief Brian Irons is voiced by Sid Carton

Voice and performance capture for Chief Brian Irons was provided by Sid Carton, who seems to be a complete unknown in the video games and voice acting industries. His IMDb profile page only lists a single credit, and it's for Resident Evil 2. He could be a member of the Capcom crew, but for all we know, he could have been an actor who simply showed up for an audition. Until we hear more about Carton from the developers, his identity will likely remain a mystery.

Annette Birkin - Karen Strassman

Karen Strassman voices Annette Birkin
Annette Birkin is voiced by Karen Strassman

Washington native actor Karen Stressman lent her voice to the role of Annette Birkin. Stressman's acting resume is tremendous, listing over 500 separate credits including roles in TV series like Monster High, Marseille, Berserk, and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Her video game credits are equally impressive, with some of her earliest work appearing in games like Star Ocean, Suikoden, Valkryie Profile, and Final Fantasy 7. She's stayed in the business ever since then, more recently voicing characters in Persona 5, Fortnite, and Monster Hunter: World. She's also one of dozens of prominent voice actors in Kingdom Hearts 3.

William Birkin - Terence J. Rotolo

Terence J. Rotolo voices William Birkin
William Birkin is voiced by Terence J. Rotolo

Terence J. Rotolo provided the voice for William Birkin in Capcom's latest survival horror outing. An actor and stuntman, Rotolo has credits in movies like The Scorpion King, Master and Commander, and The Bourne Conspiracy. He's provided stunt and capture work for a number of games, including Ninja Gaiden 3, Mad Max, and Killzone 3, with credited voice roles in Resident Evil games dating back to The Umbrella Chronicles in 2007.

Recognize any familiar faces among the cast of voice actors in the Resident Evil 2 remake? If they weren't well-known before, their performances in Capcom's latest title are sure to get them noticed now. Players can learn more about the Capcom's latest survival horror remake by stopping by our Resident Evil 2 walkthrough and guide. To learn more about the voice actors in other major video game releases, be sure to stop by Shacknews' voice actors home page.

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