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Interview: Brilliant smart light switches

Brilliant is looking to turn your on and off switches into smart home technology with their latest line of products.


The idea of a smart house may have seemed like the kind of thing that only existed in Jetsons cartoons a few short years ago, nowadays though such technology is all the rage. Integrating tech that allows for new and innovative ways to control your home environment is still fairly cutting edge but it is becoming more and more commonplace day by day. One of the many companies pioneering new ways for people to interact with their homes is Brilliant.

Brilliant is a company that specializes in making smart light switches that integrate into the home with a laundry list of impressive features. While old switches just made rooms brighter or darker, Brilliant’s switches can do things like control thermostats, play music, and order items off Amazon thanks to Alexa integration. Though the switches have built-in Alexa functionality Brilliant also recently announced that later this year Apple home kit would also be getting product support. The list of functions doesn’t stop there either. The newer models of switches have a built-in camera for video chatting with a slide-over cover for when privacy is necessary.

While at CES 2019 Brilliant also announced that they’d be working with InstallerNet which is a company that will connect users with certified electricians who can install the systems into their homes. You can check out our video interview below to get a good look at the product itself and get a few more details on what the Brilliant product line of smart light switches has to offer.

For those interested in learning more about how they could integrate Brilliant light switches into their smart household be sure to check out their website for more information. And be sure to check out all our CES 2019 coverage as well as our GamerhubTV andrShacknews YouTube channels for more on the latest and greatest happening in the world of tech.

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