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GAEMS interview: portable gaming monitor showcase

Watch GAEMS showcase each of its new portable cases and displays, including the Sentinel as well as the new Guardian Personal Gaming Environments.


Laptops and handhelds like the Nintendo Switch are great ways to game on the go, but what options are there for players who prefer to stick to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One? Carrying around a television and console isn't exactly an ideal method, which is what first inspired the crew at GAEMS to come up with a better solution. Shacknews caught up with GAEMS at CES 2019 to check out the company's latest Personal Gaming Environments, which are rugged cases with built-in portable displays that allow players to enjoy PS4 or Xbox One games wherever they like.

The big star of the show is the all-new GAEMS Guardian, a beefy and futuristic-looking set that folds down into what might appear from the outside to be a briefcase. The PlayStation 4 or Xbox One is placed into a special cage at the center of the case, with cable management at the rear, speakers in the side panels, and a 24-inch 1440p display built into the top panel. USB passes through the back of the console into dedicated front-facing ports, and an HDMI out allows the entire setup to be plugged into external displays for streaming or demonstration purposes.

The GAEMS Guardian Personal Gaming Environment
The GAEMS Guardian Personal Gaming Environment

GAEMS was also showing off the Sentinel, a Personal Gaming Environment with similar portable stylings in a more pared-down form factor. The latest model includes a 17-inch 1080p IPS display and integrated speakers, and holds consoles in place with special hook-and-loop straps. The Sentinel retails for $349.99 and can be found at major retailers like NewEgg, GameStop, and Amazon.

For now, there's no set price point or release date for the Guardian. The CES 2019 demo unit was the first unveiling of its kind, and GAEMS is "testing the market to see what everyone thinks about it." With that said, the company hopes for a summer 2019 release date. The Sentinel and other portable gaming cases and displays can be found through the official GAEMs website. For more great videos including developer interviews and games industry convention coverage, be sure to follow Shacknews and over on YouTube.

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