Guns and upgrade locations in Resident Evil 2

Find all the guns and attachments to upgrade them in the Resident Evil 2 remake.


Beating Resident Evil 2 is no walk in the park, and players looking to get a decent rank will need to know where to find all the guns and their upgrades. Though it is certainly possible to complete Resident Evil 2 with limited weaponry, facing the final boss with just the starting pistol probably isn’t a good idea.

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All guns and upgrade locations

There are multiple weapons to find across Leon and Claire’s stories, as well as multiple attachments. Some guns and attachments are easy to find, though others, like the Lightning Hawk, can be time consuming to track down. Unless going for an S-Rank, it’s likely a good idea to spend the extra time hunting down and collecting all the weapons in Resident Evil 2. A lot of these gun attachments are locked in safes, so swing by our safe locations and dial lock codes guide for a complete list of all available combinations!


The Matilda is Leon’s primary weapon in Resident Evil 2, and one that the player will likely rely on for the entire campaign. The Matilda has three attachments to unlock, which increase various aspects of the weapon from increasing accuracy and extending the clip capacity, to even adding a 3-round burst.

Matilda Attachment Location Effect
High-Capacity Mag Leon's Desk, West Office Extends clip capacity to 24 rounds
Muzzle Brake Safe in Waiting Room Suppresses muzzle rise and increases accuracy
Gun Stock Back of police car in parking lot. Use the key found in the tin storage box in the firing range. Allows the gun to fire 3 rounds per pull of the trigger

W-870 Shotgun

The shotgun is locked in a weapons locker on the first floor (1F) in the Safety Deposit Room. The keycard is found on the second floor (2F) in the Art Room on a table.

W-870 Shotgun Attachments Location Effect
Long Barrel Found in the gun shop after leaving the police station parking lot Extend clip capacity to 8 rounds and boosts overall destructive power
Shotgun Stock Found in the safe in the Treatment Pool Room in the Sewers Makes it easier to shoot rapidly

Lightning Hawk

Found in the STARS Office (2F), behind a locked gate. To unlock the gate, players will need to acquire a STARS badge found in a jewelled box in the Observation Room. The box only opens once the ruby is placed in the lid. The ruby is found by dismantling the sceptre that is received after putting the book in the statues hand in the Art Room. The book is found in the Library, on a table near the spade door.

  1. Red book from the Library
  2. Put book in statue’s hand in the Art Room
  3. Take sceptre and remove ruby
  4. Gain access to the Observation Room
  5. Put ruby in jewelled box
  6. Take STARS badge to the STARS Office

Examine the badge and flip it over to reveal an interact button which slides out the USB connection. After taking the Lightning Hawk, take back the STARS badge, as it is needed to unlock the Lightning Hawk attachments.

Lightning Hawk Attachments Location Effect
Long Barrel Below the police station, in a glass cabinet under the octagonal room Reduces recoil and increases the gun's destructive power
Red Dot Sight In the drawer of the room in the S.T.A.R.S. Office Enables lightning-fast aiming

Long Barrel

This attachment is located in the Underground Stairs room of the Underground Facility, the room just below the octagonal room under the goddess statue in the police station. To unlock this, players will need to progress through the story into the Sewers and acquire a specific key as well as the STARS badge.

In the Lower section of the Sewers, look for the long set of stairs near the Bottom Waterway, there is a key on the wall that is used to access the Worker’s Break Room in the Upper level of the Sewers. Using the elevator in the back, players can return to the octagonal room below the goddess statue in the police station. This is where the STARS badge can be used to unlock the display cabinet below the room in the Underground Stairs room in the Underground Facility.

Red Dot Sight

This attachment for the Lightning Hawk is found in the side rom of the STARS Office. This drawer can only be unlocked after finding and developing the roll of film found in the Workroom on the Upper level of the Sewers.

Chemical Flamethrower

The Chemical Flamethrower is found in a locked cage puzzle in the Supplies Storage Room of the Sewers after exiting the police station. The Chemical Flamethrower requires two spaces in the inventory, so go prepared with plenty of slots. It’s worth collecting every single hip pouch, as this will make inventory management a breeze.

Chemcial Flamethrower Attachments Location Effect
Regulator In the locker in the Nap Room in the Laboratory Makes fuel last longer

Anti-tank Rocket

The Anti-tank Rocket is given to Leaon at the very end of the game by Ada in order to take down the Super Tyrant.

SLS 60

The SLS 60 is Claire’s starting weapon, a simple six shooter revolver that takes an excruciating long time to reload without the upgrades.

SLS 60 Attachments Location Effect
Speed Loader In Leon's desk in the West Office Greatly decreases reload time
Reinforced Frame In the safe in the Treatment Pool Room in the Sewers Enables the gun to fire special high-powered rounds

GM 79

The GM 79 is a grenade launcher that replaces the shotgun on Claire’s run of the police station. The method of collecting it is the exact same as the shotgun. Find the locker room key card in the Art Room to access the launcher and some ammo.

GM 79 Attachements Location Effect
Shoulder Stock In the Elevator Controls Room in the police station parking garage Gives each shot a more stable trajectory


The JMB Hp3 pistol can be found in the trunk of a police car in the underground section of the police station. The key to the car is found in the firing range, look for the tin box on the bench.

JMB Hp3 Attachments Location Effect
High-Capacity Mag In the safe in the Waiting Room Extends clip capacity to 26 rounds

MQ 11

The MQ 11 is located in the STARS Office in the Armory. Players will need to acquire the jewelled box from the Observation Room in the police station. This box can be opened after collecting the ruby from the sceptre that the statue is holding in the Art Room. To get the sceptre, players will need to find the book in the Library and place it in the statue’s hand.

MQ 11 Attachments Location Effect
Suppressor In the glass cabinet below the octagonal room under the goddess statue Reduces recoil and muzzle rise
High-Capacity Mag In the drawer in the side room in the S.T.A.R.S. Office Extends clip capacity to 50 rounds

Spark Shot

Found in the Storage Room in the Lower level of the Sewers, behind the chess piece locked cage puzzle.

Spark Shot Attachments Location Effect
High Voltage Condenser In the Nap Room in the Laboratory Reduces the time between shots


The minigun is found at the very end of Claire’s main story through the police station. Players will need to have two blocks in order to carry this item, so plan accordingly. In fact, it’s best if players have four blocks available, as they will need to pick up a mission-critical socket in order to escape the facility.

With all the guns and upgrade locations found, subsequent playthroughs of the Resident Evil 2 remake will be even faster. Be sure to checkout the Shacknews Resident Evil 2 remake guides and collectibles page for more helpful tips for surviving Raccoon City.

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