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Watch DeepMind's StarCraft 2 machine learning showcase here

DeepMind will be taking to YouTube to show off the way StarCraft 2 is being used as an AI research environment.


Starting at 1:00 PM ET, DeepMind will be serving up an exciting StarCraft 2 demonstration live on YouTube. DeepMind and Blizard are furthering the use of StarCraft 2 as an AI research environment and the public can see this in action live today. Tim Morton, the lead producer of StarCraft 2, is one of the special guests making an appearance on the stream and there will be others as well.

How to watch the live DeepMind StarCraft 2 demonstration

The DeepMind StarCraft 2 live demo will be streamed on YouTube starting at 1:00 PM ET. Watch below and comment your thoughts on this event in Chatty. In the stream, we will get to see interviews about the research and watch an AI take on a professional StarCraft 2 player.

Deepmind and Blizzard have been regularly collaborating and released a Starcraft 2 API in August 2017. The goal is the push the boundaries of AI by "developing systems that can learn to solve complex problems" and StarCraft 2's complex real-time strategy experience is an exciting experiment for these developments. For those interested in the experiment, the API that DeepMind and Blizzard released includes the following:

  • A Machine Learning API developed by Blizzard that gives researchers and developers hooks into the game. This includes the release of tools for Linux for the first time.
  • A dataset of anonymized game replays, which will increase from 65k to more than half a million in the coming weeks.  
  • An open source version of DeepMind’s toolset, PySC2, to allow researchers to easily use Blizzard’s feature-layer API with their agents.
  • A series of simple RL mini-games to allow researchers to test the performance of agents on specific tasks.
  • A joint paper that outlines the environment, and reports initial baseline results on the mini-games, supervised learning from replays, and the full 1v1 ladder game against the built-in AI.

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