Hitman 2 Winter Sports Pack offers new themed suits and items

New suits, items, weapons, challenges, and an all-new mission are being offered through the Hitman 2 Winter Sports Pack and Snow Festival event.


Looking to lay some bad guys to rest in creative, winter-inspired fashion? The Hitman 2 Winter Sports Pack and Snow Festival event have you covered. Offered to Expansion Pass owners, the Winter Sports Pack has arrived alongside the free Snow Festival event, and the two together include new items, new weapons, new challenges, new suits, and an all-new mission set in Hokkaido.

Die-hard Hitman 2 fans will certainly be interested in the Winter Sports Pack, which is available now exclusively to Expansion Pass owners. The Winter Sports Pack notably includes access to the new Winter Sports Suit, the Snowball throwable item, the Piton spike weapon, the Quickdraw climbing gear, and the Arctic Tool Box briefcase. It's a crisp set of gear that should be perfect for painting some snow red. Check out the new items in the Winter Sports Pack trailer below.

The wintry fun doesn't end there. IO Interactive has also announced the Hitman 2 Snow Festival, which offers up fresh and frigid fatalities in new challenges and a new mission set in Hokkaido, one of the Hitman 1 locations featured in the Legacy Pack. From January 22 through February 12, all players will be able to freely access the Hokkaido location to complete the new mission and challenges. Players who manage to clear them all will unlock the new Snow Festival Suit outfit and the lethal Ice Pick weapon. Get a feel for these fun times in the official Hitman 2 Snow Festival trailer featured below.

Anyone who is on the fence about buying Hitman 2 is advised to try the game out — it's a complex, rewarding, and often hilarious experience that will surely be counted among the best stealth action games of all time. Agents who have already taken the plunge will have to decide for themselves if the Hitman 2 expansion pass is worth the extra cost, but all game owners can at least enjoy everything Hokkaido has to offer for free for the next three weeks.

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