Vikendi, PUBG's new winter map, out now on Xbox One and PS4

Vikendi gives PUBG combatants a chance at frozen chicken dinner. After a limited engagement on PC, the new map arrives on Xbox One and PS4.


While it is no longer the belle of the battle royale ball, PUBG remains one of the world’s most played games. After a meteoric rise to stardom with its PC early access release, the game eventually arrived on console in late 2017. New development and content testing remains exclusive to the PC, and once the issues are ironed out, the content launches on the couch-friendly versions of the game. This is the case for Vikendi, the new winter map for PUBG. Following its debut for the PC version of PUBG last year, developer Bluehole has released the map for the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game.

While the developers behind PUBG took a turn at a smaller, more intimate map with last year’s Sanhok, Vikendi offers a warzone much larger in size, reminiscent of the first two maps available for the game. Featuring a frozen wasteland full of hills, cliffs, and abandoned dwellings, Vikendi offers lots of hiding spots, as well as choke points to encourage conflict as the blue zone shrinks.

Like other PUBG maps, Vikendi is divided into wilderness areas and concentrated masses of buildings, each of which is named. In an effort to spice thing up and give the map a unique feel, some of these area have some cool landmarks. The one that jump out the most would be the dinosaur park, an abandoned amusement park full of life-size dinosaur models.

The new map also brings along new ways to move and dress. As far as transportation, the showcase vehicle for Vikendi is the snowmobile. It allows up to two riders to speed across the snow-covered landscape quickly, with the drawback of offering no armor against incoming gunfire. A full assortment of new clothing items lets players dress up (or down) to their heart’s content. A load of new hats, coats, and shoes let you stand out among the other 99 hunters of the chicken dinner.

For an in-depth look at how development is progressing on the console versions of the game, check out the official PUBG blog.

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