How many story missions are in Red Dead Online?

Learn more about the story campaign and how many missions you can expect to find in Red Dead Online.


The Red Dead Online Beta has been going on for a few months now, and while many players have already completed most of the campaign that is currently available, some are curious just how many story missions Red Dead Online has, and when they can expect to see an expansion to that campaign.

How Many Story Missions in Red Dead Online?

At this point in time, Red Dead Online only has a small percentage of its campaign missions available as Rockstar is still actively working to make the multiplayer version of the game better with each and every new patch. On top of the normal game modes and things, though, players can take part in a series of “story” missions, which follow their character as they start to make a name for themselves in the wild lands of the west.

There are currently ten missions available in Red Dead Online’s story campaign, including the opening prologue mission. Each of these missions can take a bit to play through and will take players all around the game map as they take on different tasks. While this isn’t the entire campaign length, Rockstar will add more missions down the line, these missions all provide a good way to level up and earn experience, and you can even replay them for maximum experience gain.

Red Dead Online posse riding into town
Meet up with your friends and posse up in Red Dead Online.

We’ve outlined all ten of the missions available below:

  • Red Dead Online Opening
  • Honor Among Horse Thieves
  • The Right Side of the Tracks
  • If the Hat Fits…
  • Love and Honor
  • Where Your Morals Lead You
  • Highly Illegal and Highly Moral
  • Kerosene, Tar and Greed
  • More than One Way to Earn a Buck
  • Kill Them, Each and Every One

The mission lineup available in Red Dead Online is pretty diverse, giving players plenty of room to make choices that will help shape how their character evolves as the story goes on. Of course, the main focus in Red Dead Online is to play with your friends, and you need help figuring out where to go next, you can always check out our Red Dead Redemption 2 walkthrough for more helpful strategies and ideas to help lead your posse to fame.

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