How to farm XP and rank up fast in Red Dead Online

Learn how to farm for XP and rank up fast in Red Dead Online.


Ranking up is one of the most important ways to progress through Red Dead Online and doing so will unlock a slew of new guns, gear and other items for you to purchase. If you’re looking to farm for XP, though, then you’re going to want to know the best ways to rank up fast in Red Dead Online. The good news? We’ve got the answers you’re looking for.

How to Rank Up fast

Ranking up fast in Red Dead Online is a necessity, especially if you’re trying to unlock a specific weapon or piece of clothing. We’ve already talked a bit about how to make money fast, and while money is important, you won’t be able to buy the things you want if you aren’t a high enough rank. There are a couple of different ways to farm for experience in Red Dead Online, but not every way is quick and easy.

Complete the Story, Then Replay it

There are a number of story missions available in Red Dead Online, which will take you all the way across the map and then back to where you started. It’s a great trek to take with your friends and while the missions can get a bit repetitive after a while, this is still by far the most reliable way to earn experience for your average player, plus it’s a good way to enjoy Red Dead Online with your pals. Most missions will only take you a few minutes to complete—anywhere from 5 to 30 depending on how good you and your team are at the game—it’s really easy to rack up 100 to 300 experience in no time.

On top of being able to replay all the missions in Red Dead Online, players can also complete side missions in an honorable way to pick up an extra chunk of experience for their troubles. So, while it might be enticing to be the bad guy, playing through the mission as the good guy will reward you with a little bit more experience for your troubles.

Red Dead Online playlists on map
You can find different game modes scattered around the map in Red Dead Online.

Compete in Playlists

Playlists are one of the best ways to earn experience and rank up in Red Dead Online, however, this option isn’t really going to work for everyone. To maximize your experience gain here you’ll want to be skilled at the game and able to pull off more wins than losses. Competing against other players for first place isn’t easy for everyone and you’ll need to be good to pull off some of these wins. If you can score first place, though, then you’ll be able to earn roughly 500 experience per round, making this one of the best ways to pull in experience quickly.

Ranking up will still take time, but if you make the most of the things we’ve laid out above, then you shouldn’t have too hard a time reaching the level that you need to unlock that sweet new jacket you’ve been eyeing. You can also return to our Red Dead Redemption 2 walkthrough for more help with the game.

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