Elusive Target suit rewards in Hitman 2

Learn how to unlock all the suit rewards for eliminating Elusive Targets in Hitman 2.


The Elusive Target system in Hitman 2 is one of the coolest pieces of live content in any game today. It helps that these targets offer up sweet cosmetic rewards when eliminated, such as Location Specific Suits, Completion Suits, and Silent Assassin Suits.

Elusive Target suit rewards - Hitman 2

There are three types of suits that can be unlocked via Elusive Targets in Hitman 2, Location Specific Suits, Completion Suits, and Silent Assassin Suits. Location Specific Suits are earned the first time a player takes out an Elusive Target in a specific location, Completion Suits are awarded for hitting milestones for the number of Elusive Targets eliminated, and Silent Assassin Suits are earned for the first and fifth elimination of an Elusive Target and earning a Silent Assassin rating in the process.

Location Specific Suits

  • Florida Fit with Gloves - Miami
  • Casual Tourist with Gloves - Santa Fortuna
  • Imperial Classic with Gloves - Mumbai
  • Suburban Suit with Driving Gloves - Whittleton Creek
  • Tuxedo and Mask with Gloves - Isle of Sgail

Completion Suits

  • Absolution Suit with Gloves - Kill 3 Elusive Targets
  • Blood Money Suit with Gloves - Kill 6 Elusive Targets
  • Signature Suit with Gloves - Kill 9 Elusive Targets
  • The Undying Look - Kill 12 Elusive Targets
  • Casual Undercover - Kill 15 Elusive Targets

Silent Assassin Suits

  • Terminus Suit - Earn 1 Silent Assassin rating
  • Winter Suit with Gloves - Earn 5 Silent Assassin ratings

Earning these suits is going to be a huge investment for any gamer. Typically, only one Elusive Target will pop up per month, and they are only in-game for about 10 days. The catch of these missions beyond being offered for only a limited time is that they can only be attempted once (kind of). If you fail the mission, it can’t be tried again. Similarly, if you eliminate the target, you still can’t replay it. What you can do, though, is restart the mission before killing the target. It’s a risky game, so be sure to check back in with us when the next Elusive Target pops up in Hitman 2 and we’ll help guide you to success.

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