Assassin's Creed Odyssey update 1.1.2 patch notes

Patch notes for the latest January 2019 update version 1.1.2 for Assassin's Creed Odyssey adds a level scaling option and Hephaistos's Workshop.


It's been a little while since Assassin's Creed Odyssey has been given a new content, but the wait is now over. The team at Ubisoft have announced Assassin's Creed Odyssey update version 1.1.2 for PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PC, with patch notes indicating a host of new changes, chiefly the new level scaling option and Hephaistos's Workshop.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey update January 2019 version 1.1.2 patch notes

The full list of changes in the latest Assassin's Creed Odyssey update is tremendous. The team at Ubisoft seem to have combed over the entire game, adding new content, new shops, and tweaking everything from performance to animations and more. To keep things neat and tidy, we'll organize the list by the biggest highlights. For the entire set of patch notes, be sure to head over to the latest Assassin's Creed Odyssey January 2019 update post made on the official Ubisoft website.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey update 1.1.2 new content and additions

  • Episode 2 Shadow Heritage – Legacy of the First Blade
    • Added in-game support for Shadow Heritage
    • Will be available to download on January 15
  • Lost Tales of Greece
    • Added support for A Poet's Legacy
    • Added Support for A Brother's Seduction
  • New Level Scaling Option - players can now customize Enemy Scaling levels for quests and NPCs
    • Default – Content will be set appropriate to selected difficulty level
    • Heavy – Content remains at the player’s level
    • Medium – Content can drop up to two levels below the player’s level
    • Light – Content can drop up to four levels below the player’s level
    • Note that adjusting the Level Scaling has an impact on the Loot level, but not the Loot quality.
  • Hephaistos’s Workshop
    • Learn – Displays all existing Engravings and allows players to buy any perk for a price
    • Upgrade – You can upgrade your gear to Engravings Tier 6 & 7
      • Challenges for Engravings up to Tier 5 need to be completed in order to upgrade further
    • Engrave – You can engrave gear at Hephaistos’s Workshop
      • Located in the Myson Cave in the Malis region
      • You can fast travel to The Ruins of Artemis location to access the Workshop more easily
  • Additional Mercenary Tiers and Benefits
    • Added two Mercenary Tiers (S1 and S2) to the ladder
      • Unlocks once players reach Tier 1
      • Added tutorial for new ranks
    • Added two Mercenary benefits
      • S1: War Contracts and Bounties provide 35% more rewards
      • S2: Hephaistos reduces the price of his teaching by 20%
  • New Mastery Levels
    • Poison Effect
    • Damage after Parry
    • Damage after Dodge
    • Adrenaline on Parry
    • Damage and Health while in Conquest Battles
  • Miscellaneous Additions
    • Added achievements/trophies for upcoming Lost Tales of Greece and Shadow Heritage
    • Lost Tales of Greece Quest giver icons are now displayed on top of fog on the map
    • Added zoom button indications to the world map
    • Procedural Quest NPCs can now be recruited
    • Gameplay icons will now take priority over photos on the map

Assassin's Creed Odyssey update 1.1.2 bug fixes, tweaks, and balance adjustments

  • Balancing
    • Improved Legendary set bonuses of the Hades and Nemean gear
    • The required XP to gain a Master Level has been lowered and all progress through the Master Level has been reset to Master Level 1
    • 30 Ability points will be granted for all players that reached level 70 before this Title Update
    • Headshots no longer guarantee critical hit and base headshot damage has been increased
    • All damage increases from perks are now additive with each other (some were previously multiplicative) to reduce high-damage spikes in specific gear situations
  • Gameplay
    • Addressed an issue causing the Arena to become unresponsive when accepting a Mercenary challenge while using Ikaros
    • Damage from Assassin ability perks will now work as intended: Ability damage from perks is now correctly added to the ability damage number seen in the Abilities menu
    • NPCs with shields will be slower to rise when the Shield Break level 3 is used to initiate combat
    • Fixed an issue where specific Enemies did not reduce damage taken from headshots
  • Performance and Stability
    • Corrected a tablet's worth of short-term freezing and stuttering instances
    • Addressed several instances of long loading times
    • Improved Performance and Stability during battles, in populated areas or on the chicken farm
  • User Interface, Menu, and Subtitles
    • Addressed various UI/HUD irregularities and display anomalies
    • Addressed various issues with Engravings not increasing stats as intended
    • Addressed several instances of incorrect Engraving formula applications
    • Addressed various display issues in the Detailed Stats page
    • Addressed several issues that caused Mastery effects to be unapplied
    • Addressed scrolls of subtitle sync and display issues
    • Corrected multiple instances of incorrect armor, weapon, and item text
    • Addressed an issue where players couldn't apply visuals from items acquired prior to Patch 1.0.5
    • Addressed an issue where the last Mastery Level seemingly had no effect
    • Players will no longer be shown a misleading warning message when trying to summon Phobos in restricted areas
    • Addressed an issue where players could regain adrenaline by using a hunter ability
    • The Visual Customization system menu can no longer be opened for categories other than gear and weapons
    • Addressed an issue that led the Tame and Crouch actions not to be customizable with all control schemes
    • Addressed an issue showing mapped skills as available when players have no adrenaline
    • Addressed an issue where fast travel was grayed out and players were unable to fast travel outside of a conflict zone
    • [PC] Addressed an issue where the screen did not adjust after switching from Fullscreen to Windowed and back, using Alt+Enter+Esc
    • [PC] Addressed several display issues with 21:9 or 16:10 aspect ratios
    • [PC] M&K players will now find scrolling through menus a smoother experience, much like taming a wolf over a bear
    • [PC] Addressed an issue where ability assign/unassign using the mouse middle-click wouldn't work
    • [PC] The VRAM meter will now display the correct values with different resolutions when using Borderless Mode

There are still loads of other changes in the latest Assassin's Creed Odyssey update, including tweaks to the Ubisoft Club, achievements, graphics, animations, audio, photo mode, and specific changes to Adrestia and Naval gameplay. More information can be found over on the official Ubisoft forums.

The newest January 2019 update to Assassin's Creed Odyssey shows that Ubisoft is staying on top of player requests and feedback. To learn more about the team's latest open-world adventure, be sure to stop by Shacknews' extensive Assassin's Creed Odyssey walkthrough and guide.

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