Red Dead Online Beta Update adds Gun Rush battle royale mode

Red Dead Online Beta players can now fight to the death in Gun Rush.


Rockstar surprised Red Dead Online Beta players today with a new update that brings the game right dab into the battle royale genre. Meet Gun Rush, a new 32-player battle arena mode that tasks players or teams to go head to head in a battle to be the last one standing.

The new mode is now available in the Red Dead Online Beta, which means players can dive right into it as soon as they download the update. On top of the new battle royale mode, though, Rockstar also has a slew of additional changes set to arrive in the game’s online in the coming future, including new Races, Showdown modes, as well as emotes and even new clothing for players to dress up their gunslingers in. Just diving into the new game mode? Check out our guide on how to play Gun Rush for some handy pointers.

Red Dead Online Beta Gun Rush mode announcement
Players can go head to head in Gun Rush in a bid to be the last one alive.

On top of the new mode and changes coming in the future, Rockstar also plans to make some updates to the game using player feedback that they’ve received since they launched the beta. These upcoming changes include:

  • New Daily Challenges – take on new challenges every day to earn money and reputation.
  • Law and Bounty Upgrades – changes to the Law and Bounty system should prevent constant griefing by random players as they will now receive a bounty for committing a crime. If they continue to commit crimes, and amass a large enough bounty, then bounty hunters from around the map will move in and try to take them out.
  • Parley Changes – Rockstar is making the parley system easier to trigger to help tone down on the aggressive players out there. It will also be easier to trigger feuds with other players as well.
  • Proximity-based Player Blips – Gone are the days of seeing where everyone is on the map. Soon Rockstar will implement a change that makes player blips only appear in the immediate, local area, making it much more immersive when you look at the map. This will also tone down on random players hunting you down if you try to travel across the map to avoid them.

Of course, more updates are always in the works for Red Dead Online Beta and you can head back over to our Red Dead Redemption 2 walkthrough if you need help completing any part of the game.

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