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How to capture and tame a bear in Atlas

Learn how to capture and tame your first bear in Atlas.


Bears are a great animal to tame as they provide a great way for you to gather Fiber and Berries in Atlas. While these animals aren’t aggressive from the start, taming them can be a bit difficult as they have a strong attack that can quickly drain your health. If you’re trying to capture and tame a bear, then there are a few things you’ll need to know.

How to Capture and Tame a Bear

Before you can get started taming a bear, you’re going to need to gather up a few things and make some preparations. First, in order to tame the bear you are going to need one of the four available taming items that you can use on bears. We've outlined the items below, so take a look to see what you need.

Bears can now be tamed by using the following items:

  • Honey - most effective.
  • Vegetables - second most effective taming item.
  • Fruits - less effective than vegetables, but not the least effective.
  • Berries - the least effective taming item that you can use on bears.

Once you have the taming item that you can get your hands on, it’s time to prepare a few Bolas. These can be crafted at the Loom, but you’ll need to unlock the Taming skill first. Once you’ve unlocked the skill, visit your Loom and craft yourself a few of these. I’d recommend bringing along at least five Bolas in case you’re trying to tame a higher level bear.

When you’re ready to tame the bear you’ll also want to look into building a taming pen. This will allow you to trap the bear inside of the enclosure, giving you an easy way to damage it without it being able to fight back. If you’re trying to take a high level bear, then this is something you’ll absolutely want to look into before you set out to tame it.

Atlas tamed bear
Once tamed, bears can be equipped with saddles and used to collect Fibers and Berries.

With the enclosure built and all your preparations made, it’s time to set out on the hunt for a bear to tame. You’ll want to tame something that’s a good bit higher in level, so try not to go for the first bear that you find unless you find one at a decent level. After you have found the bear, use a ranged weapon to get its attention. A bow works best here, as it doesn’t injure the bear all that much, but should get it to chase after you.

Run back to your taming pen and exit out the back. Close the gate behind you and then slowly whittle down it’s HP until it reaches around 20%. Once you reach that 20%, make use of the Bola to capture the bear, allowing you to walk up to it and force feed it honey (or any of the other items that you can use to tame it) from the last box on your hotbar.

As I said above, bears are a great way to gather Fiber and Berries quickly, but if you’re looking for a truly fearsome addition to your company’s army, then you’ll want to check out our guide on how to tame a wolf , as they are some of the fastest animals you’ll encounter early on. You can also head back over to our other Atlas guides for even more help.

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