Nintendo Switch - Holiday Gift Guide 2018

We've put together a carefully curated selection of awesome gifts for the Switch gamer in your life, just in time for the holidays.


Looking for some inspiration when it comes to picking out a gift for your friends and family with a Nintendo Switch? We've got everything you need to choose from right here, from the best games this holiday season to the right controller and carrying case to make sure they protect their favorite console/handheld hybrid. If you need some ideas on what to purchase the Nintendo-focused gamer in your life this year, look no further. Shacknews, as always, has you covered. 

Nintendo Switch Holiday Gift Guide 2018


There’s a wide selection of games out there for just about anyone on Nintendo Switch, and these recent releases will be sure to put a smile on any Switch owner's face. One of the biggest titles this holiday season is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the hotly-anticipated sequel to the long-running fighting series that brings all your favorite Nintendo characters together for a massive brawl. It brings all the precious combatants back for a battle royale that makes the other games look like a cake walk.

Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee! are casual remakes of the Pokemon Red and Blue games, with flavoring from Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition thrown in for good measure. They're the first time the Pokemon series has landed on the Nintendo Switch and offer a nostalgic way to go back and experience the classic journey from Pallet Town to the Pokemon League, and you can opt for Pikachu or Eevee partner Pokemon to start things off.

Super Mario Party lets you gather your friends and family together for some decidedly heated board game battles where it's you against them as you square off in challenging mini games. See who can earn the most Super Stars and emerge victorious, though beware – it's a game that's been known to rip families asunder! Kidding, of course.

Finally, invite your friends and family to join the Fortnite craze with the Fortnite: Deep Freeze Bundle. It comes packing a code to download the free Battle Royale game as well as the Frostbite Outfit, Cold Front Glider, Chill-Axe Pickaxe, Freezing Point Back Bling, and 1,000 V-Bucks to get a head start in one of the most popular games in the world right now. If they don't already have Fortnite, they'll certainly thank you.


Any Switch owner will want to make sure they have the Pro Controller by their side, as it's a massive step up from the Joy-Con controllers. For nearly the same price, you can get the best input device for the console, which feels a lot like playing games with an Xbox controller. It's well worth the money, every penny, especially if you play more hardcore titles that require you to be a little rougher with the buttons and analog sticks. This will be a well-loved addition to any Switch fan's collection of peripherals, and it comes in several different color variations, including a special branded Super Smash Bros. Ultimate version. Make sure your giftees are well-equipped with everything they need to totally slay game night.

Carrying Cases

Given the Nintendo Switch's portable nature, owners usually take it around with them when they leave the house. Make sure they have some reliable protection for the console with a decent case. There are plenty of different carrying cases, each with varying kinds of materials. This colorful Super Mario Odyssey case will do the trick quite well, as it has room for the Switch, a few games, controllers, and all the essentials. Plus, you get to cart around the system in a Super Mario Odyssey-branded shell! If your friend or loved one needs to take the system and accessories on an overnight excursion, you may want to opt for this PowerA messenger bag, which features a svelte design and space for just about anything you may need to take along with you.

Screen Protectors

Though you can use the Nintendo Switch while docked, if you take it in and out out Docked Mode at all, it will inevitably get fingerprints on its screen. Help your friends and family protect their Switch's screen with this two-pack of tempered glass screen protectors created especially for the Nintendo Switch. It's much like the same kind of protector you might use on your smartphone, but it's cut for the Switch. It's a bargain for two, and if one has issues you can easily swap it with the other. You may even want to stock up on these for yourself. 

Game Storage

If you know a barbarian who takes Nintendo Switch games out of their cases and puts them somewhere else for safekeeping, simplify their storage solutions with this quick and easy gift. They can store all their game cards in this handy little case, then pop them out when they're ready to swap games out again. It's a lot less frustrating than opening up all the individual boxes, and it takes up less space – a great boon when, like for many of us, space is at a premium. 

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