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Barking Irons unveils Red Dead Redemption 2 clothing line

If you've dreamed of looking like you're from another century and would like to pay dearly for it, the folks at Barking Irons have just the stuff you need.


Since its release at the end of October, Red Dead Redemption 2 has been drawing players into its massively detailed open world. While some folks prefer to move linearly through the game’s main missions, others branched off into the open world and took the experience at their own pace. These players let the atmosphere and environment wash over them, falling into the old western vibe. For these players, snapping back into the real world may be a bummer, but thanks to the team at Barking Irons, fans can now purchase licensed clothing directly inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2.

If you’ve made the decision to outfit yourself in the century-old western style, the Barking Irons Red Dead Redemption 2 clothing line offers a variety of options. The centerpiece of the collection is the Gunslinger Jacket in Field Tan. This coat is a dead ringer for the one worn by Arthur Morgan, the game’s protagonist. Unless you plan on bare-chesting it while riding your steed, you’ll also want one of the four shirts on offer in the collection.

Lastly, Barking Irons has a few Red Dead-inspired bags to choose from, including a saddle bag, a riding duffel bag, and a simple tote. Like the rest of its offerings, the Barking Irons Red Dead Redemption 2 clothing line is not particularly cheap. The Arthur Morgan jacket will set you back more than $200 and the riding duffel bag with set you back more than $300. It’s probably safe to assume this duffel bag is of higher quality than what Bethesda included in its Power Armor Edition of Fallout 76.

Once you get yourself decked out in these spiffy Red Dead Redemption 2 threads, make sure to check out all the quality guide content Shacknews has to offer for the game. Players who have jumped into the recently released Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Beta can also make use of our new guides specific to the online experience.

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