Battlefield 5 Xbox One controls and button mapping

Brush up on all the basic buttons and control mappings for Battlefield 5 on the Xbox One and Xbox One X.


Shooter fans are no doubt already enjoying Battlefield 5, the latest FPS release from the team at EA DICE. As shooters go, Battlefield 5 is robust, and that means its control scheme is worth exploring in detail. While the basic buttons should already be familiar to players, there are a few functions whose corresponding buttons might not be so obvious.

Xbox One controls and buttons - Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 players can find all of the game's Xbox One and Xbox One X buttons and controls featured below. It's likely that many of the most basic controls will already be familiar to players, especially those who played previous Battlefield releases. With that said, there are a few buttons that change functions depending on how long they're held down.

Move Left Analog
Look Right Analog
Jump A
Deploy Parachute A
Switch Seat (in vehicle) A
Sprint Press Left Analog
Steady Scope Press Left Analog
Slide B (double tap from sprint)
Prone B (hold)
Reload X
Interact X
Change Weapon Y
Change Fire Mode Y (hold)
Commo Rose RB
Grenade LB
Squad Leader Radio LB (hold)
Aim LT
Shoot RT
Gadget 1 D-Pad Left
Gadget 2 D-Pad Right
Toggle Toolbox D-Pad Down
Use Bandages / Throw Lures D-Pad Up
Melee Press Right Analog
Full Map View
Menu Menu
Scoreboard Menu (hold)

All in all, there aren't too many surprises here. Given that the game has been adapted to function entirely from a controller, many of the basic functions are context-sensitive, changing based on where the player is or what they're doing. They're certainly a far cry from the Battlefield 5 PC controls and key bindings, which comprise a massive list that feels particuarly well-suited to the vast number of buttons provided to PC players. Though computer players are likely more than happy with how things are laid out, there's little doubt that console players can appreciate EA DICE's more simplified input control scheme in the console versions of the game.

With the Battlefield 5 Xbox One buttons and controls tucked away in their memory banks, FPS fans should have no trouble mastering the latest release from EA DICE. For the absolute latest coverage of the new Battlefield release, be sure to stop by Shacknews' Battlefield 5 home page.

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