How to Make Money Fast in Red Dead Online

The fastest way to make money in Red Dead Online involves a few key activities that reward the player with a set number of Gold Nuggets.


The online component of Red Dead Redemption 2 is now live in beta form for players who ordered the Ultimate Edition of the game, and there's a lot to see within. Across all of the Red Dead Online activities, one of the main focuses for the player will be the gradual acquisition of money in the form of gold nuggets and gold bars. Earning money in Red Dead Online isn't easy, though. In fact, it's actually rather difficult. Fortunately, we've got a few tips on how to earn money fast in Red Dead Online.

Earn money fast in Red Dead Online

It won't take players very long to see just how slowly money is doled out within Red Dead Online. Like with Rockstar's ever-popular Grand Theft Auto Online, the developers keep the in-game economy tightly controlled, and the main way to earn money is my completing various missions and activities. With that said, there are many different things to do which reward the player with gold nuggets, and such activities are not at all hard to find. In fact, many of the best tips to earn money fast are relatively simple to follow.

Earn gold by completing missions

This one should be obvious. The main draw to playing Red Dead Online will be in the missions, and completion of each mission will earn the player a set amount of money. It's not much, fair warning, but over time players will eventually start raking in the gold nuggets and be able to claim the gold bars they need for various cosmetics or other microtransactions.

Hunt for rewards

Hunting is a common activity in the Red Dead Redemption 2 single player component, and it's something that offers up rewards in Red Dead Online as well. Though it's nothing close to knocking over a bank, players can still hunt and kill animals, then bring them to the nearest butcher for some easy cash. The only real problem here is that the early-game weapons aren't ideal for getting clean kills. And, naturally, to get better weapons, players will need to earn money. Still, as a simple way to start earning money in Red Dead Online, hunting is not a bad choice.

earn money fast in red dead online
Hunting is a fine way to earn some easy money in Red Dead Online

Search for treasure

The world of Red Dead Online, like in RDR2, is stuffed with valuables just waiting to be found. One of the easiest ways to find such valuables is to follow the clues provided through treasure maps. Though there is a chance that players will stumble upon treasure chests without following maps, the maps themselves are generally intended to be the main focus. Luckily, maps can be followed even when taking part in other quests or activities, like hunting.

Attack players base camps

Of all the activities in Red Dead Online, this feels like the one that most aligns with Grand Theft Auto Online. Simply put, players can earn money by attacking other players' camps. Not only can the camp be attacked, it can also be looted. Unfortunately, the flip side of this equation is that the hero's own camp is also subject to being raided. It could even happen while the player is out stealing from other camps. If that's not the wild west, well, we don't know what is.

Earning money fast in Red Dead Online is not exactly straightforward, and it should go without saying that "fast" in this sense is a relative term. Still, as things stand now, several activities are available that allow the player to accrue gold, and many of them can be done simultaneously. For the time being, that's the fastest way to earn money in Red Dead Online. Be sure to check out other great guides covering Rockstar Games' latest Old West release by heading over to Shacknews' Red Dead Redemption 2 walkthrough and guide.

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