Rainbow Six Siege esport documentary To Win It All announced

To Win It All: Road to the Six Invitational follows three elite players as they fight for the largest Siege prize pool ever.


Ubisoft's PvP-focused shooter ushered in a new era for the Rainbow Six franchise, but the launch wasn't entirely rosy. The game has surged to a top performing product and part of that is a strong esports presence. To celebrate that aspect, Ubisoft and the Rainbow Six: Siege developers have announced a feature film documentary centered on Siege esports and it is called To Win It All: The Road to the Six Invitational. In it, viewers will watch elite players as they compete and train around the clock for the 2019Six Invitational. 

To Win It All follows three top Rainbow Six Siege Pro League players as they compete for the title of World Champion and the largest prize pool in Rainbow Six Siege history: $1,000,000. Pengu of G2, Canadian of Evil Geniuses, and Zig of Team Liquid are the players that will be under the documentary microscope in this new feature. Ubisoft will be partnering with Cinemark for an exclusive red carpet premiere of the film, which will take place on January 24, 2019, in San Francisco, CA and Los Angeles, CA. Red carpet premiere attendees will receive exclusive Siege-themed door prizes, including a free poster featuring community-created art. If you download the Cinemark app, you'll get a chance to win tickets to the 2019 Six Invitational in Montreal, Quebec. Tickets are now available on the official Cinemark website.

To Win It All: The Road to the Six Players

Troy "Canadian" Jaroslawski | Evil Geniuses

Niclas "Pengu" Mouritzen | G2 Sports

Leo "Zig" Duarte | Team Liquid

Zig and Team Liquid won the Rainbow Six Siege Season 7 finals in Atlantic City, NJ back in may, so it makes perfect sense to shine the spotlight on him and his squad as they work toward a historic prize pool. Here's a recap of the comeback that forced a tiebreaker:

The final map came down to Consulate, long considered one of Penta's best maps. But Team Liquid was on a hot streak throughout the day, coming out ahead and never looking back. The Brazilian squad worked like a well-oiled machine in the final round, with each team member systematically taking down every member of Penta, leading to a 5v1. Penta's last hope rode on Fabian Hallsten, but Thiago "xS3xycake" Reis secured the final kill to cement Team Liquid's Season 7 victory.

After Penta took an early 1-0 series lead, Liquid looked to have the second map, Border, under control. But the Six Invitational champions and perennial tournament favorites Penta quickly climbed back, forcing a tiebreaker on that map. After a tense early going, Liquid took command of the final round, cornering Niclas "Pengu" Mouritzen and taking him down in a 3v1 scenario.

Rainbow Six Siege launched December 1, 2015, and is available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Stay tuned to Shacknews for additional updates.

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