Evening Reading

(Moved to the top, just because) Many people have sent in reports of Evening Reading curing disease, saving their life, or even helping a blind man see. Its not all smoke and mirrors though, it's something more. Faith believe in Evening Reading, for it will cleanse your soul and spiritually guide you through the turmoils of our world to a better existence. Here are some examples:

- Sweet sweet love! Bars can not hold back such a wonderful thing! This is how Geoff does it. Thanks Mur-r3v
- President Clinton ran into a bus full of naked chicks and actually wasnt happy about it. Its about time he stepped down! Thanks DaveCrazy
- It seems not even nature is safe from the Nazis.
- Hrm, looks like Stephen King has canned that publishing his book online scheme after all. doh.

Lastly, NASA has been poopoo'ing on this guy for his Mars experiment for quite a while now, something like 30yrs. But redemption may be at hand.

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