Fortnite reaches 200 million player milestone

Epic Games' flagship title just can't seem to stop growing and growing and growing...


Just when you thought the Fortnite hype train might be slowing down, the team at Epic Games comes back at you with some insane stats. Their latest record-breaking achievement comes in the form of reaching a massive 200 million players worldwide. Most likely that number is reflective of accounts that have been created for Fortnite and not active players, but this is still no small accomplishment.

According to Bloomberg, that’s roughly the entire population of Brazil hiding in bushes and doing the floss dance in between their 1v100 matches. Essentially, Fortnite’s player base has increased to five times the size it was at beginning of 2018. In fact, just since Epic’s last report in June, the game’s number of players increased by 75 million from a base of 125 million.

Fortnite launched in beta last year and had a strong focus on its co-op multiplayer mash-up of tower defense building and third-person shooting. However, the game quickly pivoted its focus after adding a free-to-play Battle Royale mode that proved to be more popular. Since then it has gone on to be arguably one of the most played games in the world. Recently Fortnite also reached another major milestone when it reached 8 million concurrent users, which is even more than Steam has with all its games combined.

With such a massive influx of players just over the last year alone it would seem that Fortnite isn’t going away any time soon. And there are still plenty more records for the game to break. PUBG still has more players overall, capping out at around 400 million worldwide, but I would not be surprised if Fortnite breaks that record over the next half a year. Players interested in checking out all the hype for themselves can download Fortnite for free on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, as well as iOS and Android devices.

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