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The Best Cyber Monday deals of 2018

Cyber Monday 2018 has arrived with fresh online sales on this year's hottest toys and electronics, with discounts on everything from a new iPhone to a 4K TV and more.


With most of the madness of Black Friday 2018 now behind us, it's finally time for Cyber Monday 2018 discounts to shine. The shadow of Black Friday still looms, however, as most of the Cyber Monday deals we've been able to find are simply leftovers from last week's shopping holiday. With that said, there are still plenty of great Cyber Monday 2018 exclusive sales to be found. As always, Shacknews is on the scene with a top-tier roundup of all the best Cyber Monday 2018 sales on everything from new iPhones to video game consoles and more.

The Best Cyber Monday 2018 deals

While there are still several Black Friday 2018 discounts to be found, most of the common internet-based retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and GameStop are also offering specific Cyber Monday 2018 discounts. For those who may have missed Black Friday 2018 sales the first time around, consider this a final chance to scoop up new items at bargain prices.

As before, be sure to click through item links to confirm the details, as pricing and availability are subject (and quite likely) to change.

Cyber Monday 2018 Video Game Console Deals

3DS and 2DS XL deals
Black Friday 2018 may be over, but many of the biggest Nintendo 3DS XL and 2DS XL discounts remain. There are even a few retailers offering special discounts on 3DS games, including The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Nintendo Switch deals
A lot of gamers missed the opportunity to scoop up a Nintendo Switch on Black Friday 2018. Fortunately, Cyber Monday 2018 also has a few Nintendo Switch bundles available at discounted prices.

PlayStation 4 deals
PlayStation 4 bundles were a hot item over Black Friday 2018, specifically the $200 Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 bundle. A lot of retailers still have that specific bundle marked down for Cyber Monday 2018, though supply is by now dwindling.

Xbox One X deals
Want to jump in on the latest gaming console that Microsoft has to offer? Maybe you want to take advantage of that new 4K TV? Either way, we've rounded together the top Cyber Monday 2018 discounts on the Xbox One, including the Xbox One X and its less-powerful sibling the Xbox One S.

Cyber Monday 2018 Gaming PC Hardware and VR Deals

PC gaming deals
Cyber Monday is one of the biggest days of the year for users looking to scoop up new PC hardware at discounted prices. Cyber Monday 2018 deals cover the gamut from late-model processors to motherboards, RAM, GPUs, SSDs, and more.

Gaming laptop deals
Looking for a new gaming PC that can go wherever you do? Look no further than these massive Cyber Monday 2018 discounts on new gaming laptops.

VR deals
Gaming and VR fans can get new hardware at a low price, plus avoid dealing with crowds, by grabbing some Cyber Monday 2018 VR deals on Oculus, HTC, and Sony VR HMDs. They can also expect some special discounts on Microsoft's lineup of Mixed Reality Headsets.

Apple and Android mobile Cyber Monday 2018 Deals

Apple iPhone deals
Cyber Monday is usually a good time to pick up a new mobile device, and this year is no exception. However, in the case of Apple, "new" is a relative term. The latest Cyber Monday 2018 deals generally don't cover the latest iPhones like the XR, XS, or XS Max, but that's not to say that there are no discounts to be found.

Apple iPad deals
Looking to pick up a new Apple tablet at a serious discount? Cyber Monday 2018 bargains might not cover the absolute latest hardware, but the sale prices on previous-generation iPads will certainly be hard to pass up.

Android Phone and Tablet deals
Many of the latest Cyber Monday 2018 deals on Android devices don't include the latest devices and hardware. With that said, even if the hardware is dated by a generation or two, the prices won't get much better than this any time soon.

The end of these Cyber Monday 2018 discounts marks the end of this year's formal online shopping season. These deals are subject to change at any time, of course, and there's always the chance of a new breakout sale appearing in the wild, so be sure to head over to our Cyber Monday 2018 home page for the absolute latest coverage.

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