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Pokemon Go-style Warcraft game reportedly in development by Blizzard

Blizzard is continuing to explore its mobile game strategies.


Blizzard is soldiering on with its mobile strategy, it seems, despite the lukewarm response to Diablo Immortal during its unveiling at BlizzCon 2018.

Kotaku reports that the company is apparently working on a new mobile title, this time focused on Warcraft. According to an "incubation department" at the studio, the Warcraft game is supposedly influenced by Niantic's Pokemon Go. This reportedly came about because lead designer Cory Stockton is a huge Pokemon fan, and Blizzard's own employees play competitive Pokemon Go at the studio often.

There aren't any real details as to what the project could feature, but it's said to have "a lot more to it" than Pokemon Go, with single-player options as well. According to one particular source, the reaction to mobile games outside of the company is "very different" than what's been seen inside the company.

A Warcraft-themed take on Pokemon Go might be interesting, but it wouldn't really get to feature much "capturing" unless it was instead swapped out for a strategic augmented reality title instead of the mechanics we know Pokemon Go includes. We're only really able to speculate at present what it might feature, but there's a lot the games could provide that can translate well into a mobile title.

Diablo Immortal left many fans frustrated and calling out Blizzard for debuting a mobile game instead of the latest entry in the Diablo series at BlizzCon 2018. But regardless how players feel about mobile games, there's big money to be had in that industry, so it makes perfect sense that it's an avenue companies like Blizzard should want to go down, especially considering the massive successes of titles like Fortnite and Pokemon Go in the first place.

When we hear more details about what Blizzard is planning with its upcoming Warcraft mobile project, we'll make sure you know about them.

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