Royal Caribbean Cruises' Tim Klauda talks AR-based midway-style games

Passengers aboard Royal Caribbean Cruises can check out a suite of new AR-enabled games, and Tim Klauda has given Shacknews the inside scoop.


The world of video games has been turned upside down largely due to the influence of mobile phones. Now that we all have powerful computers sitting in our pockets, the reach of virtual reality and augmented reality software truly knows no bounds. Shacknews recently had a chat to chat with Tim Klauda, vice president of Digital Experience at Royal Caribbean Cruises, to talk about the cruise line's latest suite of AR-based, midway-themed mobile games that passengers can enjoy while on vacation.

So what's the appeal of creating AR-based video games that don't rely solely on gaming software? According to Klauda, it's a unique way to interact with the environment without having to rely on outside tools or elaborate gaming setups.

"AR allows us to connect the physical and the digital in a way you can't do otherwise," Klauda said, "[and] again packing everything into the thing you have with you versus having to build a bunch of technology."

As can be seen in the video above, each of the three games available through the Royal Caribbean app allow users to enjoy classic carnival-style games without any sort of physical booth. Standing in front of the game poster is all the software needs to get up and running on the user's phone, and the rest is just as easy as whacking a mole or shooting water at balloons.

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