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Devil May Cry to crossover with Netflix's Castlevania in new series

What is this "bootleg multiverse" Adi Shankar is building up? Is it a direct crossover or indirect?


Adi Shankar, the executive producer of Netflix's original Castlevania series, is on a roll. Today, he confirmed that he's developing an animated adaptation of the Devil May Cry series.

In an interview with IGN, Adi Shankar revealed that he acquired the rights to the series himself and this is the beginning of something the team is calling the "bootleg multiverse." There are no details on what being a part of this collective means for the individual properties, but it could be a direct crossover or an indirect one that just involves the same creative teams. Shankar, after revealing that last bit, said "let the speculation begin, you can read into that all you want" before literally dropping the mic. Shankar also calls his one-shot series of satire films the "Bootleg Universe"

It was previously rumored that Castlevania Executive Producer Adi Shankar was in talks to produce a Legend of Zelda TV show. It wasn't known if that series would be a Netflix original and it also isn't known if this particular project is what was previously rumored. Meaning, he could be working on both. Stay tuned to Shacknews for more updates.

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