How to join the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 76

Figuring out how to join the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 76 is complicated, to say the least.


As with other Fallout games in the series' recent history, Fallout 76 players have the chance to join the ranks of the Brotherhood of Steel. This faction has a storied past — or future, in the Fallout timeline — of fighting the good fight in the war-torn ruins of the United States. However, in Fallout 76, the faction doesn't function the way that players might expect. In fact, as far as the game itself is concerned, it seems like the Brotherhood of Steel doesn't exist at all — there is no Brotherhood of Steel location, and there are no Brotherhood of Steel soldiers.

Fallout 76 - How to join the Brotherhood of Steel

Pointing Fallout 76 players toward a definite Brotherhood of Steel location is frankly impossible. As far as we've seen, the Brotherhood of Steel simply isn't in Fallout 76. There's a catch, though: Bethesda has previously teased the Brotherhood of Steel's inclusion in the game through various social media postings.

This caused a bit of an uproar in fans. The main point of contention is that the Brotherhood of Steel first appeared on the nation's west coast sometime around 2150. Fallout 76, of course, takes place in 2102, around 50 years prior. So how can the Brotherhood of Steel exist in the Fallout 76 universe? According to Bethesda, "army Captain Roger Maxson [...] used a functioning satellite to extend their reach across America... all the way to Appalachia."

That sentence might seem kind of like a non-answer, and it very well may be. However, there does exist what looks to be an official Fallout 76 Brotherhood of Steel website, which paints the faction as "a newly created aspiring division of the Brotherhood of Steel seeking new recruits." More importantly, "after evaluation and background," gamers are invited to "instantly Enlist and Join the Faction Community" by visiting the Brotherhood of Steel Discord channel.

Fallout 76 Brotherhood of Steel location - Power Armor
A suit of Power Armor, iconic garb of the Brotherhood of Steel.

To simplify: it appears the Brotherhood of Steel does not exist in Fallout 76 per se. Instead, it exists as a faction outside of the game; a coalition of like-minded players who may or may not protect the human race through good deeds performed in suits of Power Armor. Considering the game's focus on multiplayer and community involvement, this route makes perfect sense.

So, no, there is no Brotherhood of Steel location in Fallout 76 to point players toward. Technically speaking — very technically, in this case — the faction does actually exist, just not within the game. This may be subject to change in the future, but as things stand now, it seems Bethesda saved itself from a rather serious retcon blunder by giving players the opportunity to create and join the Brotherhood of Steel of their own free will. Fortunately, we can point players towards loads of content that is actually featured in the game, and we've got all the available information neatly organized in Shacknews' Fallout 76 guide and walkthrough.

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