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Sunset Overdrive grinds to PC with November release date

Give those mutated energy drink cretins what for on PC.


Insomniac Games' Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive is finally coming to PC, and it's touching down as early as tomorrow, November 16.

The PC version of Sunset Overdrive will be available for just $19.99, and it will include all prior DLC released for the title. The single-player campaign originally debuted on Xbox One in 2014, and it was bundled with a special white Xbox One when it made the scene. Taking place in 2027, it follows the citizens of Sunset City, which is full of toxic mutants who have been transformed into monsters by a contaminated energy drink.

The new world, teeming with energy drink mutants, has folks shambling around like zombies, but players can make their own world with new rules by vaulting, grinding, and running their way through the city with a wide arsenal of weird weapons. It's an open-world sandbox game with plenty of strange things to discover. Insomniac Games would later on go to polish its prowess with open-world titles with the recent Marvel's Spider-Man, so if you liked what you saw in that game, it's well worth trying out Sunset Overdrive if you missed it.

Will you be purchasing Sunset Overdrive now that it's going to be on PC, or are you good with your Xbox One version?

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