Pokemon GO Sinnoh Hatchathon prepares for Generation 4 evolutions

Select Generation 1 and 2 Pokemon are about to receive new evolutions in Pokemon GO, thanks to the jump to Generation 4, and players will soon be able to get ahead of the game by hatching a few eggs.


Anyone looking for an excuse to try and walk off the forthcoming Thanksgiving meal looks to have one, thanks to Pokemon GO. Those who still have a handful of eggs that they need to hatch will want to try and hatch one in the next few weeks, since they'll feature select rare Pokemon.

To further celebrate the addition of Generation 4 Pokemon, Pokemon GO has kicked off the Hatchathon. From now through November 27 at 1PM PT, players who hatch 2km Eggs will find Pokemon like Rhyhorn, Porygon, and Magby. On the surface, that may not sound very unusual. Those are Generation 1 and 2 Pokemon, after all. However, these Pokemon are about to receive new evolutions thanks to the Generation 4 upgrade. That means those Pokemon will soon be able to evolve into Rhyperior (#464), Porygon-Z (#474), and Magmortar (#467). A small percentage of those eggs will hatch a Shiny Elekid (#239), which can evolve into Electabuzz (#125) and will soon be able to evolve into Electivire (#466).

For more details on the Sinnoh Hatchathon, be sure to visit the Pokemon GO website.

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