Vacation Simulator adds VR Avatar Customizer feature

Customize your own personal avatar in Vacation Simulator.


Owlchemy Labs has been working hard to bring players additional details on its upcoming system that brings everyone into the fun with Vacation Simulator: the Avatar Customizer.

The Avatar Customizer is a new feature within Vacation Simulator that allows players to create their own custom look for how they appear in-game. Previously, they'd appear in-game as a floating headset and hands, as Owlchemy mentions in its blog post announcing the new customization options. Now, there's a wide range of visual elements that players can opt for to truly put themselves "in" the game.

Players will be able to customize their skin tone, visor color, hair styled color, glasses, and a selection of other aspects of themselves so that they'll appear more like their "real" selves in the game world. The idea is to make your avatar an "iconic representation of yourself," which Owlchemy is hoping to accomplish with special accessories in the game's Dock Shop, or with the various options for hair texture, animations for dress such as hijabs, or even the way longer hair moves.

Owlchemy is looking to be very inclusive with its new system, so no matter how you dress or look, you can make your avatar look like you. It's great to see the company taking this kind of initiative and working to give players options. The Avatar Customizer will be available when Vacation Simulator launches in early 2019.

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