How to get wood in Fallout 76

Start building bases and purifying water by finding wood in Fallout 76.


Players are going to spend the majority of their time crafting and building in Fallout 76, and one of the most common items required in construction is wood. Thankfully, wood is exceptionally easy to get, so long as you’re looking for the right kind of tree.

How to get wood

Finding wood in Fallout 76 is as simple as searching for fallen trees and logs. Approach a tree log and press the “gather” button to harvest a few pieces of wood. There are dozens of logs to be harvested all around the map, so running low on wood should never be a problem.

Players should also be on the lookout for wood while scavenging for other resources. Steel scraps and the like can often be found sitting on shelves in garages, so take the time to look in sheds and basements, as they might also contain some wood. This resource, though common, is extremely valuable as it is one of the core ingredents in creating drinkable water.

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