How to use mouse and keyboard in Fallout 76

Fix the problem where the mouse and keyboard isn't working in Fallout 76.


Players on PC are currently running into a problem where Fallout 76 isn’t recognizing their mouse and keyboard, rendering them completely unable to play unless they use a controller. Thankfully, fixing the mouse and keyboard error is simple.

How to use mouse and keyboard

It should be a pretty obvious system: if you’re not using the controller then Fallout 76 should recognize your keyboard strokes and mouse clicks, but it doesn’t. At the moment, if a controller is plugged into your PC when Fallout 76 is launched, you will be unable to use your keyboard and mouse. The fix is to unplug the controller and reboot Fallout 76.

In this day and age, where games can switch between keyboard and mouse on the fly, even sometimes use both at once, it’s astounding that Fallout 76 has this issue. While it’s a simple fix, make sure you don’t reset Fallout 76 before you leave Vault 76, as all progress (including character creation) isn’t saved until you step outside. If you quit before you leave the vault, you’ll have to create your character again.

Once outside, you’re safe to quit and relaunch Fallout 76, just remember to unplug the controller first or else you won’t be able to use the keyboard and mouse.

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