All Feats - Miami: The Finish Line - Hitman 2

Learn how to unlock all 33 different Feats in the Hitman 2 Miami mission The Finish Line.


After the events of Nightcall, Hitman 2 players will arrive at the Miami mission titled The Finish Line. This mission presents 33 different Feats for agents to unlock, and many of them can be unlocked in single runs during specific Mission Stories. Keep reading to learn how to unlock all Feats in Miami: The Finish Line.

Miami: The Finish Line Feats

The Finish Line has 33 different Feats to unlock, including the usual seven Versatile Feats as well as 26 unique Feats. Some of them are marked as Redacted in the menu; we've provided information on how to complete them where possible, but be sure to check back as we unlock all that Miami has to offer.

Arms Dealer

Pacify a Kronstadt Researcher using an Android Arm.
Reward: Mission Mastery Miami +1000
Behind the wall to the left of the Kronstadt demo vehicle display is a hallway that contains the Kronstadt Researcher disguise. Farther down the hallway will be an android arm sitting on a table. Grab it, then use it to knock out the researcher at the console.


Reward: Mission Mastery Miami +1000

Thorough Demonstration

Make the Android eliminate someone other than Robert Knox.
Reward: Mission Mastery Miami +2000
Starting from the dolphin fountain location, head inside the building and grab the identification for Ted Mendez. Use it during the arms presentation to have the android shoot Mendez.

Best of luck with those repairs, Robert.


Reward: Mission Mastery Miami +1000

Safety First

Tamper with the gas pressure relief valve.
Reward: Mission Mastery Miami +2000
It's easy to earn this Feat during the Better Burn Up Than Fade Away Assassination. Disguise 47 as a Race Marshall, then use the flag at the track to disqualify Moses Lee. After that, go to the press tent, grab the wrench, then head back outside and locate the gas valves. Open them with the wrench, then increase the pressure to earn the Safety First feat. When Sierra Knox takes her trophies, the pyrotechnics will explode, completing the assassination.

You Got A Fast Car

Sit in the Kronstadt demo car.
Reward: Mission Mastery Miami +1000
This can be earned during the External Combustion Engine Assassination. Wearing the Kronstadt Researcher disguise, use the wrench to tinker with the demo car's engine, then pour the octane booster into the fuel tank. When Robert Knox arrives, follow his direction and sit in the car to unlock the Feat. Afterward, continue following Robert's commands until the assassination is completed.

Free Fishie

Release a fish back into the ocean.
Reward: Mission Mastery Miami +1000
This is easily accomplished by bringing along the melee Fish gear. Simply throw it into the ocean.

Fish Slapping Dance

Slap someone into the ocean with a fish.
Reward: Mission Mastery Miami +4000
Bring along the Fish, then look for the guy walking around between the pier and the food stands. Wait until he's close to the water's edge, then slap him with the Fish.

Mr. Tambourine Man

Disguise yourself as the Tambourine Man.
Reward: Mission Mastery Miami +1000
Disguise yourself as the Tambourine Man. He's found busking in the tunnel underneath the stadium entrance.


Incapacitate the aquarium guards by shooting out the glass on one of the fish tanks.
Reward: Mission Mastery Miami +1000
Wait in the aquarium display room until both of the guards are standing in front of a tank, then shoot it to knock both the guards out. While you're there, look for a Starfish to complete the Frutti Di Mare Discovery challenge, then dump one of the bodies into the aquarium openings to earn the Sleeping with the Fishes Feat.

Sleeping with the Fishes

Dump a body into an aquarium.
Reward: Mission Mastery Miami +1000
Can be done alongside Tanked. Simply dump a body into one of the aquarium's openings.

Red Flag

Cause the race to be aborted due to too many crashes.
Reward: Mission Mastery Miami +2000
This Feat can be earned when following the Moving Target Assassination. Shoot to take out Sierra Knox's car, then continue shooting cars and causing collisions until the Feat is completed.

Deja Due

Reward: Mission Mastery Miami +4000

Sympathy For The Bird

Save the mascot from being eliminated by Sierra Knox.
Reward: Mission Mastery Miami +4000
After the race is concluded, Sierra Knox will meet with the mascot in the alley behind the building outside the medical facility. Watch the meeting, then take out Sierra before she takes out the mascot.

The Mascot disguise plays a part in the Pink Menace feat.

The Thunder Thief

Celebrate victory on the podium disguised as Moses Lee.
Reward: Mission Mastery Miami +4000
Moses Lee will win the race by default, but players can always disqualify him to earn the Odd Man Out Feat. After the race, track down Moses Lee, take him out, then apply his disguise and accept the trophy.

The Odd One Out

Disqualify Moses Lee.
Reward: Mission Mastery Miami +1000
Disguise 47 as a Race Marshall, then one of the flags at the track to disqualify Moses Lee. Can be done as part of the Better Burn Up Than Fade Away assassination.

Last Words

Reward: Mission Mastery Miami +2000

Potty Training

Make the patient leave the doctor's office without eliminating him.
Reward: Mission Mastery Miami +1000
The patient is having trouble urinating. Help him out by turning on the faucet within the bathroom. He'll finish delivering the sample, then he'll leave. This speeds along the progress needed to earn the Vitamin Overdose and Doctor 47 assassinations.

Mission Stories - Miami

Complete all 3 Mission Story Challenges in Miami.
Reward: ICA Micro Remote Explosive
Reward: Mission Mastery Miami +4000

Mission Story - Pretty in Pink

Impersonate Sierra's blackmailer and meet up with her at the hotel.
Reward: Mission Mastery Miami +2000
This mission provides a great opportunity to earn the Pink Menace Feat. Wait until Sierra moves away from the van, then push her down the elevator shaft to finish the Assassination and earn the Feat.

Mission Story - The New Army

Infiltrate the Android showroom as Ted Mendez.
Reward: Mission Mastery Miami +2000
This Feat is best earned as part of the Paranoid Android assassination. Ted Mendez is found outside the dolphin fountain. After making a phone call, he'll walk around to the side to smoke a cigar. Knock him out the moment he puts out the cigar, then stash his body in the nearby dumpster and assume his disguise.

Sweet Victory

Reward: Mission Mastery Miami +2000

47 On The Scoville Scale

Drink the chilli shot.
Reward: Mission Mastery Miami +2000

Mission Story - A Perfect Machine

Become a Kronstadt mechanic and perform the Pitstop.
Reward: Mission Mastery Miami +2000
This Mission Story goes along with the Days of Thunder and Wheel Of Misfortune assassinations. Gain access to the Kronstadt paddock, then disguise 47 as one of the mechanics. This Story provides three opportunities to take out Sierra Knox: pour sugar into her gas tank, loosen the nuts on one of the car's wheels, or attach a remote explosive to the car.

Milky Way

Make sure Sierra drinks the chilli shot.
Reward: Mission Mastery Miami +2000

The Briefcase

Complete Miami level to unlock the briefcase.
Reward: ICA Briefcase
Reward: Mission Mastery Miami +1000
Simply complete the Miami: The Finish Line mission.


Find and equip all disguises in Miami (29).
Reward: Mission Mastery Miami +4000

Hold My Hair

Assassinate a target by drowning them.
Reward: Mission Mastery Miami +2000

Piano Man

Assassinate a target with the fiber wire.
Reward: Mission Mastery Miami +1000

Someone Could Hurt Themselves

Assassinate a target in an accident.
Reward: Mission Mastery Miami +2000

Sure would be a shame if this wheel came off during a race.

Straight Shot

Assassinate a target with a headshot.
Reward: Mission Mastery Miami +2000

Tasteless, Traceless

Assassinate a target with lethal poison.
Reward: Mission Mastery Miami +2000

Versatile Assassin

Complete the following Versatile challenges in Miami: Piano Man, Someone Could Hurt Themselves, Hold My Hair, Straight Shot, Tasteless Traceless
Reward: Mission Mastery Miami +4000

Now that all Feats in the Miami mission The Finish Line have been completed, players will be free to move on to all the challenges on offer in San Fortuna. Keep on top of all the Shacknews coverage of IO Interactive's latest stealth action game by heading over to our Hitman 2 home page.

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