King Games interview: Evolving the Candy Crush franchise to the next level

The mobile games giant is expanding on their flagship Candy Crush as well as working on new midcore mobile experiences.


While we have traditionally catered to the PC and console gaming crowd, there is no denying that mobile gaming is the fastest growing and most popular way to enjoy the hobby. From casual games to complex adaptations of traditional genres, players can find just about anything they are looking for in the mobile games market. During the View Conference 2018 in Italy last month, we got a chance to sit and speak with Aaron Allport, VIce President of King Games, about the future of Candy Crush and the many ways the company is expanding its portfolio.

Allport explains how the development team behind the new Candy Crush worked hard to refine the experience that made the game a worldwide smash, while pushing forward with improvements to the game design. Additionally the team had a large focus on fleshing out the franchise’s characters to give players a chance to become more immersed in the game’s world. He also touched on King Game’s midcore offerings, such as Legend of Solgard.

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