King Games VP Aaron Allport talks vital strategies for mobile development

The VP of King Games shares strategies on how the company creates titles with finesse.


What goes into the creation of some of your favorite mobile games? If you've ever been curious, this interview is for you, especially if you're a big Candy Crush Saga fan.

Shacknews had a chance to chat with Aaron Allport, VP of the massively popular mobile gaming company, King, about a variety of topics, namely mobile development and testing, as well as how King tries out its products before they hit the masses.

"Essentially, play testing our games is a vital part of our process," explained Allport. "We develop features for our games and work to validate if the player finds it fun. That process is very important and an opportunity because we have different segments of audiences. We can try different mechanics and features within the game, and it's a really useful way for us to figure out if a game is going to be successful. It's a vital strategy for the way we make games at King."

For the uninitiated, King is the developer behind the mega-hit Candy Crush Saga and the equally fun Bubble Witch Saga.

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