Google Spotlight Stories interview: Making a show that people care about

Find out what the team at Google is doing to empower VR content creators who strive to tell compelling stories.


Google has always had big plans for VR, so much so that they set up a program to help content creators worldwide with translating their ideas into the VR world. Google Spotlight Stories is an initiative to give support and exposure to talented VR studios that are making crafting interactive stories. The tech giant believes that VR can be the bridge between movies and stage shows, drawing the viewer into the experience like no other format can. We got a chance to speak with Jan Pinkava, Creative Director of Google Spotlight Stories, while we were at the VIEW Conference in Italy last month.

Pinkava explains why Google wants to push the VR format for storytelling and how their tools and assistance allows creators anywhere on Earth to find an audience through the use of tethered headsets or their own mobile devices. He also covers the use of audio in VR productions and how it can be effectively used to draw the viewer’s attention to a specific area within the world as needed.

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