Disable V-Sync in Battlefield 5 on PC

Learn to disable V-Sync and unlock the Framerate Limiter in Battlefield 5 on PC.


Every PC game has a strange option that will confuse players, even if for only a moment, and Battlefield 5 is no exception. When I first loaded into the game and started playing, I noticed that my frames per second (FPS) was locked at about 60, which isn’t acceptable for a gaming PC as powerful as mine. As I stood in my spawn looking through options, I quickly noticed that I couldn’t disable Vertical Sync (V-Sync), which didn’t seem right at all. Here’s how to disable V-Sync if you’re playing Battlefield 5 on PC.

Disable V-Sync in Battlefield 5 on PC

The key to being able to disable V-Sync (Vertical Sync) in Battlefield 5 on PC is quite simple, but it’s not immediately clear unless the user is comfortable clicking away.

  1. Open the Options menu.
  2. Click on the Video menu.
  3. Click Advanced at the top of the screen.
  4. Set Graphics Quality to something other than AUTO: Max Fidelity or AUTO: Min Latency.
  5. Set Vertical Sync to Off.
  6. Adjust Framerate Limiter

Basically, if the Graphics Quality is set to anything beginning with “AUTO”, the option to disable Vertical Sync will be unavailable. Setting the Graphics Quality to Custom, or even something else, such as Ultra, High, Medium, or Low, will allow V-Sync to be adjusted.

My monitor has a 144Hz refresh rate, meaning that I’ll never get more than 144 FPS. However, the real problem with Battlefield 5 and using the “AUTO” Graphics Quality options is that the frame rate will be locked at 60 FPS if V-Sync remains on. If a monitor is capable of more, follow the steps I’ve outlined above, disable Vertical Sync, then change the Framerate Limiter to the refresh rate of the monitor the game is being played on.

It may seem as though 60 FPS is great, and it’s not bad, but the moment I went from 60 FPS to about 90 FPS (because I adjusted the V-Sync using the steps above), my entire experience became smoother, and it was noticeable. A big bump in the FPS Battlefield 5 is running at can have a positive impact on aiming, as movement in general is more fluid.

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      Disable AA
      Disable motion blur
      Set detail to ultra high
      Set view distance to ultra high
      Set FOV to 110 degrees
      Set foliage to low
      Set shadows to very-low

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      Call me when they release "Classic mode" that just turns it into 1942.

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