Runner3 on PS4, PC & Switch getting new features, more difficulty options

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CommanderVideo runs again. The rhythmic-runner/platformer Runner3 got some positive marks from the Shacknews crew and is getting some quality upgrades on PC, Nintendo Switch, and the upcoming PS4 version.

In the Runner3 dev blog, the Choice Provisions team revealed that all versions of the game are getting a few "radical" changes centered on difficulty. "People found Runner3 to be too difficult," the post reads, so this update includes extensive difficulty options and new default difficulty settings. You can find the highlights for this new update below and read the rest on the official Runner3 blog post.

Custom Runner 3 difficulty modification options

  • Enemy Density
    • Adjusting this setting removes (or even adds) enemies/obstacles
    • "More" is the default, and is the original game's setting
  • More Checkpoints
    • This setting adds more than the traditional single checkpoint
    • "On" is the new default
  • Stair Assist
    • This setting adds flippers that help pop your character up tricky stair sequences
    • "Off" is the default
  • Bonk Counter
    • This setting enables/disables the Bonk Counter both in-game, and on the level end screen
    • "Off" is the new default
  • Gold Bars
    • This setting allows you to turn off all gold bars, if you find them distracting
    • "On" is the default
  • Gems
    • This setting allows you to turn off all gems, if you find them distracting
    • "On" is the default

Additional goodies for Runner3

  • Added input buffering to mitigate input lag when playing with various wireless controllers on various platforms
  • Made all character moves available from the start of the game--no more having to unlock them in order!
  • Made the jump and avoid enemies/obstacles more forgiving
  • Added more on-screen communication regarding the Impossible Levels, the Retro Levels, and the overall difficulty of the game
  • Added a “break” sound effect to kickwalls in addition to their musical tone
  • Fixed a few out-of-world bugs

Runner3 is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch, with the PS4 version launching November 13, 2018. If you haven't given the game a shot, check out our full Runner 3 review. Stay tuned to Shacknews for additional updates.

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