Premium Bandai Japan's "Inhaling Kirby" plush cushion really sucks

Feed Kirby with your warmth and affection.


Ever wanted to stick your head in Kirby's mouth? Well, now's your chance. This sweet new Kirby cushion will let you do that and more. 

Premium Bandai's new "Inhaling Kirby" plush cushion is an enormous pink puffball with his mouth wide open (a Kirby standard) so he can suck up everything in his path. This pose means you can cozy up with the cushion, lay your head inside Kirby's mouth, and take a nap. Or do whatever weird thing it is you want to do with Kirby, hopefully nothing too strange. It'll be like shoving your head into your favorite plushie and drifting off to sleep. If you want, perhaps you can let your dog or cat nap in it. 

The cushion is a bit expensive at 9,500 yen (around $84), but consider the fact that it's a huge Kirby that you can sleep in, and it all makes sense. Plus, our glorious leader Asif reminds us that Kirby is the "best playable character in Smash" so there's that, too, even if you disagree. If nothing else, this is a good way to pay tribute to our only surviving Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character. That's right, he lived. 

Check out more of the awesome Kirby cushion via the Premium Bandai store and get your pre-order in early if you're interested in having a Kirby of your very own. 

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