Overwatch PTR Patch 1.30 adds Ashe

The 29th Overwatch Hero is now available to PC players, as Ashe pops up in the latest PTR update.


Among the announcements during Friday's BlizzCon Opening Ceremonies was a new playable hero for Overwatch. Deadlock Gang leader Ashe picked up her rifle to step into the fray and the first opportunity for the general PC gaming public to go hands-on with her has arrived.

On Tuesday, Blizzard announced that Overwatch's 29th Hero was now avaliable on the game's Public Test Realm. She pops up as a damage dealer, making her the 16th such character to hit the game. For those unfamiliar with her abilities, here's what she brings to the table:

  • (L Shift) Coach Gun: This is Ashe's sidearm, which can be used at close range for heavy damage. It has heavy knockback for both the enemy and for Ashe, which means savvy players will be able to use it for slick movement.
  • (E) Dynamite: Ashe tosses a stack of dynamite, which goes off after a few seconds, dealing fire damage on anyone in its range. Quicker players can shoot the Dynamite from distance and set it off early.
  • (Q) B.O.B.: This is exactly what it sounds like. Ashe's Ultimate calls her lieutenant bruiser B.O.B., who will knock around nearby enemies and lay down suppressing fire.

Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan goes into Ashe's origins, while also noting that her Viper rifle is a definitive trait for the character. Shacknews recently had a chance to try that rifle out ourselves, as we went hands-on with Ashe during this year's BlizzCon.

The PTR is PC only, so console players hoping to get time with Ashe will have to wait a little longer. If any PTR observations lead to significant changes for the characters, Shacknews will be sure to bring readers any information as it arrives.

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