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Paramount Animation interview: Mireille Soria talks making exciting movies

New technology and updated tools make working in animation to create memorable products a snap.


What's your favorite animated feature film? We've all got one – mine is always changing from day to day, but I can always appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into making them.

Shacknews sat down with President of Paramount Animation Mireille Soria for an enlightening look at her thoughts on creating movies with digital tools and the work that goes into bringing animated films to life.

"I say to artists who have to transition using new tools is that what is important and valuable is inside of you. You bring the artistry to whatever it is you do. The tools allow you to do it faster," said Soria of the process when it comes to modern tech and creating movies.

"The lines have been blurred between what is an animated movie and what is not because of the technology. Superhero movies are half-animated. I think that what that means is a lot of times it forces us to say 'Why are we doing this story as an animated movie versus live action?"

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