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Pixar's Bill Wattral Interview: How new tools helped build The Incredibles 2

In the years since the release of the original film, creative and rendering tools help the team at Pixar deliver an amazing sequel under serious time constraints.


The Incredibles remains as one of Pixar and Disney’s finest achievements, which is saying a lot when you consider the portfolio of movie classics that the two studios have churned out over the years. When it came time to revisit The Incredibles franchise, the team at Pixar relied on their best-in-the-industry team of creative writers and the massive advancements in rendering tech to deliver a worthy sequel. The Incredibles 2 currently carries a 94% score over at MetaCritic, so it’s fair to say that Pixar succeeded at their goal.

We got to speak with Bill Wattral, the Effects Supervisor for The Incredibles 2, while we were at the VIEW Conference 2018 and find out how the visual side of the project came together.

Wattral touches on the advancements in the creative tools available to the team at Pixar for the sequel and how they helped churn out a quality film under the constraints of a compressed schedule. While the team often had to write their own software solutions during the creation of the first Incredibles movie, the availability of off-the-shelf solutions allowed the team to focus on making the movie instead of making tools.

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