Blizzard reveals Diablo Immortal mobile title at the end of BlizzCon Opening Ceremony

Get ready to literally tap your mana.


It would appear that Blizzard may have saved the best for last at their Blizzcon 2018 opening ceremony depending on how you feel about mobile titles. Earlier today Diablo's Wyatt Cheng took to the stage to reveal Diablo Immortal, an upcoming mobile version of the long-running franchise that Cheng claims is a "full-fledged action RPG you can play anywhere with anyone."

Diablo Immortal takes place 5 years after the corrupted World Stone was shattered at the end of Diablo 2. The corruption that was released from the stone seems to be spreading and now it will be up to players and smartphones to take on the task of saving the world.  Cheng claimed that "20 years of untold stories between Diablo 2 and 3" will help fill in the cracks in the lore such as what Deckard Cain was up to all that time, what happened to the founder of the demon hunters, and that there will be "new stories for beloved characters."

Players will have 6 classes to choose from and each of those will feature their own new abilities as well. Along with some new moves, Diablo Immortal should offer up new areas for players to explore as they look to right the world of Diablo once again. You can take a look at the gameplay trailer below to check out the game's classes and their skills in action. 

The title is being developed by NetEase and looks to have similar gameplay mechanics as all the previous entries in the Diablo series,only made to function on a touchscreen. No release date was given for Diablo Immortal, but fans attending Blizzcon 2018 will be the first to go hands-on with a demo. We'll be sure to keep everyone posted as more details arise.

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