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How to kill the Legendary Moose - Red Dead Redemption 2

Take a long trip north and learn how to kill the Legendary Moose in Red Dead Redemption 2.


Red Dead Redemption 2 features 178 animals, but there are a few specific creatures that have gained a legendary status. During a quest called Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego, Arthur Morgan is given a map of all the legendary animals in the game, and some are harder to hunt and kill than others. Now, a Moose isn’t the first animal to come to mind when thinking about hard to kill, but I found this animal difficult because I couldn’t find the evidence when I entered the search zone. Below is an explanation of how to find the evidence required to locate the Legendary Moose, and how to kill it efficiently.

Where is the Legendary Moose?

The best place to begin the search for the Legendary Moose is to look at a map of all legendary animals in Red Dead Redemption 2. Consider fast traveling via train or stagecoach to Annesburg, then hopping on a horse and heading north along the tracks. Cross the river, then ride about 100 more feet along the tracks and stop. Investigate the trees on the north side of the tracks for a Moose Tree Rub clue. By entering the Eagle Eye ability, the animal can be effectively tracked. Look for these three clues:

  • Moose Tree Rub - North of tracks
  • Moose Dung - South of tracks
  • Fur - South of tracks near the river’s bank

After successfully finding all three clues, follow the scent of the animal north and across the tracks. Look for a white Moose. It should be very easy to spot.

The Legendary Moose won’t appear

I ran into the problem (with this legendary animal and others) where the Legendary Moose evidence was not showing up. I knew I was in the right spot because of the on-screen message but couldn’t find any sign of my prey. As it turns out, the game is rather finicky. I had to leave the area and return (prompting the message that I entered its territory) before I could find the evidence. I would also be weary if a mobile camp was used in this area. Tear it down, leave the area, then return and the evidence should be there. It’s just a little buggy it seems.

How to kill the Legendary Moose

An upgraded Dead Eye is the best way to see the critical hit opportunities on any animal, but if that isn’t an option at current progression, shoot just above and behind the animal’s front shoulders. I’ve included an image for study, but don’t expect the moose to drop on a single shot. I used an upgraded Rolling Block Rifle with nearly maxed out damage and range, and it took me three shots to critical areas. Perhaps try a more powerful ammunition, but don’t be surprised if it takes three shots to kill the Legendary Moose. It drops the legendary pelt to be given to the Trapper, so there’s no fear of the quality taking a hit. Just be sure to create a manual save once the hide is on the back of a horse to guard against any glitches or bugs.

Now that you know how to find and kill the Legendary Moose, be sure to visit the Red Dead Redemption 2 walkthrough and guide, where you’ll find loads of information on the hunting and fishing available to those that enjoy the outdoors.


Bill, who is also known as Rumpo, is a lifelong gamer and Toronto Maple Leafs fan. He is known for his guide writing and, unsettlingly enough, enjoys grinding out in-depth collectible articles. Tweet him @RumpoPlays if you have a question or comment about one of his guides.

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