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All Amazing Inventions Cigarette Card locations in Red Dead Redemption 2

Where to find all Amazing Inventions cigarette cards for the Smoking and Other Hobbies mission.


The Amazing Inventions cigarette card set contains 12 cards, all of which can be found around the world in Red Dead Redemption 2. Collecting a complete set allows players to sell it to Phineas T. Ramsbottom for a reward, though the trouble is actually finding them.

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Before being able to find all the Amazing Inventions cards, players must first talk with Phineas T. Ramsbottom at the Flatneck Station in New Hanover. Speaking with Phineas begins the mission, Smoking and Other Hobbies, which spawns a few of the cards around the map.

All Amazing Inventions Cigarette Cards

The Amazing Inventions cigarette cards are scattered all across the map in Red Dead Redemption 2, even down in Blackwater. Because of this, it is advised that players wait until Blackwater is accessible before attempting to complete the set. The reward for completing the Amazing Inventions collection is volatile dynamite and $100.

Original map credit: Powerpyx

Amazing Inventions card 1 – Steam Locomotive

The Steam Locomotive cigarette card can be found in a church to the south of Lemoyne, right near the Bolger Glade. Climb to the top floor of the church, sprint-jump over to the platform, and search the bird nest to find the card.

Amazing Inventions card 2 – Camera

The Camera Amazing Inventions cigarette card is in Saint Denis in the northern area of the city. Go to the block above the “N” in Denis and look for the photo studio, the building nearby has a balcony, this is where the card is located.

Amazing Inventions card 3 – Electrical Execution Apparatus

The Electrical Execution Apparatus can be found in a property called Hanging Dog Ranch in the north of West Elizabeth. The property is north of the Little Creek River near the border to Ambarino. Go into the house and look under the bunk beds. To get inside the house, use the boxes outside to climb onto the roof and into the window.

Amazing Inventions card 4 – Typewriter

The Typewriter cigarette card can be found in Blackwater, West Elizabeth near the “E” in Blackwater. Look for the warehouse outside of the main town, the card will be on a barrel next to the door.

Amazing Inventions card 5 – Buck’s Revolver

The Buck’s Revolver cigarette card is behind the gunsmith’s shop in Annesburg, on a table beneath a tarp.

Amazing Inventions card 6 – Telegraph

The Telegraph Amazing Inventions cigarette card is found in New Hanover, west of Van Horn Trading Post. Following the train track north to an old train platform, check the bench to find the card.

Amazing Inventions card 7 – Manned Glider

The Manned Glider card can be found in Caliga Hall, south of Rhodes. Go inside the barn in the middle of Caliga Hall to find the card on a bench.

Amazing Inventions card 8 – Dynamite

The Dynamite cigarette card can be found in the very south of Lemoyne, at Shady Belle, a property east of Bolger Glade near the Lannahechee River. Search the porch to find the card.

Amazing Inventions card 9 – Cylinder Phonograph

The Cylinder Phonograph Amazing Inventions card is found inside the Valentine saloon, on the left windowsill facing the main street.

Amazing Inventions card 10 – Player Piano

The Player Piano cigarette card is in the western saloon in Saint Denis near the "D". Find the piano and you’ll find the card.

Amazing Inventions card 11 – Electric Light Bulb

The Electric Light Bulb cigarette card is in the far north of Annesburg, at the end of the lone road north of the Roanoke Valley. Look for the building with the crates out the back and a large tesla coil structure, the card will be on top of the boxes by the back door.

Amazing Inventions card 12 – Fountain Pen

The Fountain Pen Amazing Inventions cigarette card can be found in Lemoyne, just north of the “O” at an abandoned plague town called Pleasance. Locate the school by the road, go inside, and search for the card on the desks.

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