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Where to find leather working tools in Red Dead Redemption 2

Start upgrading Arthur's satchel and livening up the campsite by purchasing the leather working tools.


Upgrading the Van der Linde’s campsite makes it feel a bit more like home, and in order to do that players will need to get Pearson some leather working tools. The leather working tools do not come cheap, so start saving those dollars and cents now.

Where to find leather working tools

The leather working tools are purchased through the campsite’s ledger book, which is only unlocked after completing a mission for Herr Leopold Strauss. Completing one of Strauss' missions allows players to purchase the tools for Pearson, which in turn allows him to craft satchels as well as livery for the campsite.

To get to the point where the leather working tools can be purchased, players will need to complete a few short steps:

  1. Complete the prologue and unlock the Horseshoe Overlook campsite near Valentine
  2. Speak with Herr Strauss on the western side of the camp
  3. Finish one of his debt collecting quests
  4. Return to the gang’s campsite and deposit the payment into the contributions box
  5. Interact with the ledger to view contributions, deductions, and upgrades
  6. Buy the leather working tools on the back page

The leather working tools cost $225, which is rather expensive early on in the game. The good news is that the $225 comes out of the camp’s savings, which will continue to get topped up by each gang member – as Dutch said, the gang gets its share. Many of the other Van der Linde camp upgrades can be purchased via the ledger, too.

With the leather working tools purchased, head over to Pearson and select the crafting upgrades option. Players can now craft satchels, rugs, and other items to spruce up the camp. A lot of the items Pearson will craft require perfect hides, so take the time to check out Shacknews’ complete hunting guide.

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