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Bowsette Halloween cosplay costume guide: Everything you need to embody Koopa-hime

How to become everyone's favorite, fabulous Koopa queen for the holiday.


It's nearly Halloween – do you have your Halloween costume figured out yet? If not, and you're not opposed to slipping into something skimpy, let us suggest Bowsette, the character that's taken the internet by storm.

If you're looking for a creative video game costume this year and want to show off your crafty side a bit, Bowsette's a relatively simple option to put together. As long as you have the essentials, you'll be good to go. We've got you covered with everything you need to pull together a Bowsette cosplay costume for Halloween, so just sit back, relax, and make a shopping list. It's time to transform into Peach, with a hefty side of Bowser!

Who is Bowsette?

Bowsette is the amalgamation of Princess Peach and Bowser, brought about by fans overjoyed by the introduction of Peachette, the character spawned by Toadette donning the Super Crown item in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. Bowsette's name is a misnomer of the highest caliber, given that "Peachette" is a combination of Peach and Toadette. However, Bowsette is the name that has somehow stuck, with the more accurate "Koopa-hime" for Japanese fans (lit. Princess Koopa).

Bowsette usually comes clad in a black dress or leotard, typically with plenty of cleavage on display as well as familiar markings you'd see on Bowser himself, such as spikes, horns, and a bad attitude as well as a set of pearly white fangs. Sometimes she has red hair, and sometimes she has Peach's golden blonde hair. It's important to note that there is no "canon" interpretation of Bowsette, because she isn't an official Nintendo creation. We only have the hundreds of fan drawings out there ranging from distinctively Peach-like to the bizarre, inflated versions that are undoubtedly someone's weird fetish.

With that said, it's up to you to choose which Bowsette you want to dress as. There are a ton of variations, but as long as you nail the main aesthetics both Peach and Bowser share, you should be rocking a recognizable costume that's Instagram-ready, if that's something you're into.

Bowsette Halloween cosplay costume: Basic foundation

Bowsette is typically drawn wearing a black bustier or strapless dress and/or leotard that leaves the bust area exposed. You don’t need an ample chest to really work this costume though, even if the countless pieces of fan art online sends that message. Grab a fun sleeveless party dress (this one is perfect) and get your fashion on. If you’d be more comfortable wearing warmer clothes, any black outfit would do, so long as you add the Bowsette-style accessories that make the ensemble instantly recognizable. 

This Amazon pick is a great basic choice, but you could also opt for a romper, a black tank top and shorts, or anything else that you feel comfortable wearing, so long as you inject that trademark Bowsette attitude into it. 

Sweetheart Short Prom Homecoming Dress at Amazon, $65.95, Sizes 2 - 26

Bowsette Halloween cosplay costume: The hair

There's a wide variety of pre-styled Princess Peach wigs out there, like the one pictured above from Amazon for $39.99, or you can go the more glamorous route and have one custom made for you. There's not a lot of time left ahead of Halloween, so if you want a red wig for Bowsette's hair, you're better off buying a generic one and styling it yourself. You can find blonde and red wigs at just about any party store, and using your own hair tools you can straighten and curl most wigs, so long as you select a low heat setting.

Sometimes, Bowsette is depicted with a ponytail, so if you want to opt for that kind of hair, eBay is full of options with and without horns to attach. Honestly, eBay is your friend for any and all Bowsette wigs, though keep in mind there's no real way to discern what kind of quality you'll get if you decide to purchase via eBay without the reviews attached like on Amazon.

Xcoser Super Mario Princess Peach Wig at Amazon, $39.99
Bowsette eBay wigs, various
Bowsette Etsy wigs, various

Bowsette Halloween cosplay costume: The accessories

Now that you've got the hair and a dress to get you started, you'll need all the other Bowsette accesories that take you from a Saturday night bondage outfit to a proper Bowsette cosplayer. You'll need a crown, horns, spiked collar, and spiked arm and wristbands, at the very least. Some depictions of Bowsette show her with a spiked turtle shell on her back, just like the real Bowser's, but it will be pretty difficult to find one just like the original in a short amount of time for Halloween. This turtle shell backpack will do just fine in a pinch.

You can pick up inexpensive leather chokers with spikes and the like at stores like Spencer’s or Hot Topic, or a Halloween store. Amazon also has some in stock, in case you want something a little cheaper and a little less garish – more costumey, if you please. You'll want the best pair of teal earrings you can find for that last little bit of jewelry, too. 

One important detail that can elevate your costume is the addition of fangs by way of fake vampire teeth you can find at any Halloween costume store. They can be awkward to place in your mouth, but it's a must for that toothy, evil grin Bowsette has. 

You probably won't find any crowns that look exactly like Bowsette's transformative version, but there is one available on Etsy that's 3D printed – if you can get one in time, it's absolutely perfect.

Lastly, tie things together with some fishnets and heels or footwear of your choosing (or tan or black stockings if you'd like) and strike a pose! You've successfully recreated Bowsette! 

Koopa wind backpack bag at Amazon, $23.99
Metal Spike Studded Leather Collar Choker at Amazon, $8.99
Leather Bracelet Punk Spike Rivet Cuff Bangle Metal Studded Halloween Wristband at Amazon, $7.99
Scarecrow Small Deluxe Custom Fangs at Amazon, $17.99
Large Oval Stud Earrings at Amazon, $8.99
Bowsette Crown Cosplay at Etsy, $20

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