All Van der Linde camp upgrades - Red Dead Redemption 2

Here's a list of all possible Van der Linde camp upgrades and what they do in Red Dead Redemption 2.


The Van der Linde camp is going to be a place where Arthur Morgan spends a lot of time. Whether getting his next assignment, having some drinks, playing cards, or having a long-overdue shave, the camp is the main hub for all things in Red Dead Redemption 2. Keeping things stocked is important, but so is taking the time (and money) to upgrade each of the stations. Below is a list of all the upgrades, plus what cost and benefit is associated with each.

How to Upgrade the camp

To upgrade any part of the camp, find Dutch’s quarters, then look for the Contributions/Ledger option. It is marked on the map as a briefcase with dollar sign on it. When you open the Ledger, flip through the pages to view any available upgrades, plus how much money is required to purchase them. If the camp has the funds, the money will be taken from there. If the camp is low, however, Arthur will pay for the upgrades out of pocket. If he can’t afford it, well, you aren’t getting the upgrade. Prioritize based on what you feel with benefit you the most in the field.

Medicine Upgrades - Strauss' Wagon

The Medicine station, which is also Strauss’s Wagon, deals with any substance (not food) that deals with Health, Stamina, or Dead Eye. By enhancing this station, more options will be available for you to choose from when you raid the supply.

Name: Cost: Description:
Basic Free (default) Cures and bitters
Sharpen the Senses $30 Snake Oil and potent bitters
Something with Kick $50 Tonics and premium liquor
The Good Stuff $75 Potent health cures and tonics

Provisions Upgrades - Pearson's Wagon

Provisions can also enhance your Health, Stamina, and Dead Eye, but it deals with foods. Arthur must eat food to keep from being underweight, and the benefits of food can save your life in a fight. Food can also be (and must be at times) given to horses, so upgrading this station is essential.

Name: Cost: Description:
Essentials Free (default) The basics, bread and biscuits
Less Bland $30 Fresh fruit and basic canned goods
Some Real Variety $45 Chewing tobacco and premium canned goods
Treat Ourselves $55 Cocaine Chewing Gum and assorted sweets

Ammunition and Arms - Arthur's Wagon

Upgrading the ammunition and arms at your wagon is very useful. Early in the game it is easy to run low on bullets, and this is a solid way to make sure you have some. Look around your wagon and you should see ammunition sitting around, allowing you to just take it.

Name: Cost: Description:
Start Simple Free (default) Revolver and Pistol ammo
Improve Our Offense $60 Repeater ammo and Arrows
Some Real Firepower $90 Throwing Knives, Shotgun and Rifle Ammo
Let's Have Some Fun $100 Fire Bottles and High Velocity Repeater ammo

Lodging - The Entire Camp

Lodging refers to the quarters for Dutch, Arthur, and the entire camp, in that order. As you upgrade the lodging of each, you’ll see some minor aesthetic changes, and even get some real benefits in some cases.

Name: Cost: Description:
Bare Bone Shelter Free (default) Basic canvas. Old fur for warmth.
First Things First $220 Dutch wants something comfier.
Next in Line $325 Arthur wants a map to help plan journeys. (opens Fast Travel option)
For Everyone $300 Improve the rest of the tents in camp.

Miscellaneous Camp Upgrades

There are four other things you can do for the entire camp, and each one will make life there a bit better. They are, however, some of the most expensive upgrades you can purchase, so you’ll need to make some big money to buy them.

Name: Cost: Description:
Horse Station $300 It would be great to have more room to hitch. (allows retrieval of owned horses)
Chicken Coop $175 Some local farms are selling off old coops. (improves stew)
Leather Working Tools $225 If we get Pearson better tools, he can make extra gear.
Camp Boat $450 Met a traveler selling an old boat. Useful? (adds boat to camp)

With all the Van der Linde camp upgrades tucked neatly away, players should see a sharp increase in general mood and merriment. To learn how to make the most out of the rest of Rockstar's latest open-world adventure, be sure to head over to Shacknews' Red Dead Redemption 2 walkthrough and guide.

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