Fortnite Gargoyle locations - where to dance in front of gargoyles

Brush up on where the gargoyles are in Fortnite and how players can complete the Fortnitemares gargoyle dance challenge.


With Halloween right around the corner, the team at Epic Games have given Fortnite a bit of spooky holiday flair. Introduced in the latest update, players can now dive into Fortitemares and complete a number of special challenges set across both Save the World and Battle Royale gameplay modes. One such challenge tasks players with locating and dancing in front of five different gargoyles, and we know just where to find them.

Gargoyle locations in Fortnite

To complete what we're going to call the gargoyle dance-off challenge, players need to locate and dance in front of at least five different gargoyles spread across the Fortnite map. There are more than five available, of course, so here's a look at the seven we've located so far.

These locations are:

  • West of Wailing Woods, near Risky Reels
  • At Tomato Temple, within the courtyard
  • West of Lazy Links, within the mine
  • In Haunted Hills, inside the castle
  • In Viking Village, within the large structure at the top of the village
  • North of Flush Factory, sitting atop the mountain
  • In Retail Row, within the store under the bus

Tracking down each of the above mentioned gargoyles shouldn't prove too much a challenge. In fact, players who want to grab them all in a single run should be able to do so relatively quickly now that the glider has been unlocked for redeployment.

Since the gargoyle dance challenge is not a Battle Pass challenge, in lieu of Battle Stars, Fortnite fans can expect to earn rewards like sprays, gliders, contrails, and so on. With the map featured above, finding at minimum five gargoyles to a bust a groove near should be a walk in the graveyard. For more coverage of Epic Games' hit battle royale title, stop by Shacknews' Fortnite home page.

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